A smarter map...

This project is no longer a Senior Design Project but is still active! The librarys website can be found HERE with all the new updates, revisions, etc.

This page won't be updated again...

Overall Project Goal

The overall project goal is to create an interactive 3D map of campus using Google Sketchup and Google Maps API, which will provide a platform for different departments across campus to enter their own content into the map. The initial plan for this map is to serve the Pharos printing system in order to facilitate printing across campus. Future plans involve using the map for marketing purposes, virtual tours, etc.


This has been an ongoing project within Lab Support Services, Information Technology. I was hired to take care of the map and essentially had the freedom to lead the project in the sense that I picked the development environment and platform we're using, come up with deadlines, etc. The University is lacking a proper map of campus which can serve not only students who want to have a little taste of campus but also serve as a tool for current students to check for room availability, printing services, check schedules, menus, etc.

First Semester

Plan (Sep 5)PlanPresentation
Milestone 1 (Oct 1)RequirementDesignTestPresentationProgress Evaluation
Milestone 2 (Nov 5)PresentationProgress Evaluation
Milestone 3 (Dec 3)PresentationProgress Evaluation

Second Semester

Plan (Jan 23)PlanPresentation
Milestone 4 (Feb 20)PresentationProgress Evaluation
Milestone 5 (Mar 20)PosterPresentationProgress Evaluation
Milestone 6 (Apr 17)User ManualDemo VideoPresentationProgress Evaluation