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Anaerobic training is different from aerobic Training in that it does not require the use of oxygen. Following from this, you may have a well trained cardio-vascular system from your aerobic workouts, but still have a poor level of anaerobic fitness. They are 2 different systems, and as such, proficiency in each form of fitness requires separate and specialized training.

The following method will improve your anaerobic capacity through sprint training. You will find this infinitely useful for any sporting activities in which you participate. The best part is, each session will take a maximum 15min to complete!!!

You will require around 20m of flat ground to complete this exercise. I strongly advise you to use a grass surface, as this activity involves repeated high intensity impacts an on a concrete surface this can potentially cause long term shin injuries, which are very painful and require a lot of rest to fully heal.

Place the 1st marker at one end of the 20m track. This is your start point. From here, place your 2nd marker 5m up the track from the 1st, the 3rd one 5m from the 2nd, and the 4th marker 5m from the 3rd (i.e. 20m away from the 1st).

Sprint as fast as you can from marker 1 to 2, then back to 1, then to 3 and back to 1, then to 4 and back to 1. Complete this sequence at maximum pace and without stopping. A diagram of the method is shown below:

Once you have been through once, rest until you are FULLY recovered, then complete your next set. Complete 3 sets in total. As you progress, you may wish to include a fourth. Your rest should not need to be more than 3min. You are waiting for your muscles to feel ready to sprint again, NOT for your heart rate to return to resting pace. This rest is important because it allows you to focus fully on your anaerobic system.

You can increase anaerobic power in different parts of your body as well. Power is different from strength in that power is the ability to generate strength in a short amount of time. This is very important in sports where fast movements are required. Note that in order to develop power in muscles, you must first develop the maximal strength of those muscles. This will give you the capacity to develop greater power.

Power can be developed by using submaximal weights with a low number of reps, and performing the lifts at maximum speed.

There are also exercises to develop power for which weight training equipment is not required, such as clap-push-ups, chest passes with a medicine ball, squat jumps, hopping, etc.

It is preferable to have access to weights at this stage of training however. If you cant get access to a gym, here are some links to websites where you can purchase equipment for home use:

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

You can check out other products at our recommended products page.  


Well, that’s all I have to say for this section. If you haven’t yet viewed our strength page for stage 2, you can view it here.

Otherwise, I have given you all the knowledge I have.


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