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Want to lose weight, get fit and healthy, or improve on a high level of fitness that you have already attained? Then you're  in the right place!!!


This website, unlike many others, offers absolutely FREE advice on fitness for people of ALL fitness levels, whether you are simply looking to lose weight, or you want to obtain a higher level of core fitness. This programme will not even require any dieting on your part! You will not read eagerly to the end of this page just to find that there is some annoying one-off charge to get ‘full membership privileges’. I won’t even say that you need to pull out your wallet and buy a special supplement, as many other sites do, simply because this is NOT NECESSARY! To get fit and into shape, all you need is a body and the determination to see this through to the end – both of which you already have!


Also, I see a lot of weight loss ads which show how people ‘magically’ lose their desire to eat delicious foods and end up smashing mouth-watering cakes and fatty foods to bits. WHAT A WASTE!!! In order to lose weight, you may need to cut down on these foods but there is no need to cut them out of your diet entirely! You only live once and you sure don’t want to spend it painfully banning yourself from everything naughty and nice.


You may wonder why I’m giving you this information without trying to pick your pockets? Well here’s the reason:


When I was young I had a multitude of health problems, the most prominent among them being asthma. I was put on preventative inhalers, which helped to control my asthma, but at the expense of making me feel hungry all the time, even when I wasn’t. I did not immediately notice the adverse effect this was having on my body, but found out the hard way when my fellow primary school classmates began teasing me about having ‘man-tits’. This trend toward becoming overweight was also noticed by my parents, and it was on my father’s insistent advice that I began to go out running. I started off with runs about 2km long. I was only 10 at the time so this distance proved to be plenty for my little legs. With time, I began to be able to run longer distances, and push myself to go faster. I still occasionally get breathing restrictions, and on occasion have continued to run through them (although this I would not advise because I’ve probably come quite close to killing myself a couple of times!). My motivation to continue training originally came from a desire to lose my ‘man-tits’, although to this day I haven’t really lost them; rather I’ve converted them nearly entirely to muscle through a whole lot of push-ups and weight training. Now however, my motivation comes from a desire to eat whatever junk I want without losing all that I have achieved, and to be able to look in the mirror and be proud that there is not a hippo staring back at me (If this comment offends you, channel your feelings into anger and use them as a motivation to succeed!).


The reason I am giving you this information is my parents helped motivate me to take my weight problem into my own hands. I now wish to pass that motivation on to you. I can save you some trouble by passing on information I have gathered from my own experimenting about the best ways to get into shape, but it’s your life and you alone determine whether you are strong enough to take action to improve it. Any improvements you make are solely your doing, and you WILL be proud of what you accomplish. So why should you pay for something you have accomplished? YOU SHOULDN’T, and that’s why this advice is free.


This will work out for you provided that you stick with it, and you will get the self-satisfaction and pride that cannot be gained through taking medical supplements or having expensive (and needless) surgeries performed.                    


So, without further ado, LETS GET STARTED!!!

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