Playroom Registration

First Time Registration     
  Follow the link below:
1. While our sign up process is fast, we do offer you the opportunity to begin the process online.  

Follow the link:                        ONLINE REGISTRATION
1. Fill in required information.  We do NOT require your Social Security Number, actually we prefer not to have it.
    You only need to provide 1 phone number, using the "Home Phone" field.  Providing an accurate email address will allow you to access your account online and shop our online store.

2. Sign and select "Continue".
3. We will assign your child a membership number to be used when checking into playroom.  This number can also be used to register your child online for access to their account.  If you would like to be provided with this number, please stop by our customer service desk or send us an Email.

    If your child is an existing member, past member, previous daily visitor, etc., 
                                              please use this link:                        

You can view/edit your account info, view

 visits and transactions, update your billing info, 

make payments, view and sign up for classes and

 update your child's information.