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How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life Forward


Tai Chi Qigong Master Dongxun Zhang and Bob Zhang

A Must Have...The FIRST ever!...Theory of Evolution Companion Book to The Tao Te Ching

Discover the TRUE, ORIGINAL, and BEST reason to do Tai Chi and Qigong
(Internal External Energy Theory)

People for centuries have been doing Tai Chi and Qigong for self-defense and health. But, is that ALL there is to it? the blockbuster book, Intended Evolution: How Selection of Intelligence Guides Life ForwardTai Chi Qigong Master Dongxun Zhang presents his theory of evolution based on an organism's perception, intelligence, and action potential. Going beyond Darwin's Natural Selection theory, Dongxun discusses his unifying theory and the "why" to evolution. The book is written in plain simple language using symbols and comparisons found in everyday life. By reading the book, the average person can easily extrapolate how evolution's principles are applied to the study of tai chi, qigong, and life in general.

Master Dongxun's unique ideas have not been available in a simple English translation until now. Read the book if you want to discover the essence of why to do tai chi and qigong today. It is NOT only about self-defense and health.

"Once you know the 'WHY' of Evolution, the 'HOW' of Tai Chi and Qigong will present itself." Dr. Lester Sawicki



Tai Chi Teeth In Mortal Combat


Dr. Lester Sawicki

Your Tai Chi will improve rapidly once you connect your internal energy with your teeth.

"Dr. Sawicki's newest one of the most unique publications you are ever to come across. He has crafted a book that shines a spotlight on an aspect of martial arts that has been ignored for centuries: man's use of teeth to defend life and limb. It is a skillful weaving of western physiology, eastern philosophy, and powerful yet easily performed energy-building exercises designed to strengthen and bring man's oral cavity back on-line. Dr. Sawicki wants his readers to thrive -- and survive." Kim Blankenship, L.Ac.

Why Buy The Book?
In teaching Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga, the instructor's intention should be to help you discover your original "self" by transferring to you the required information needed on how to reflect on the process of growth. This is how you learn to grow and refine your chi.

Your original "self" has an inner drive to survive and thrive. This drive or energy is displayed at birth when the infant's instincts to survive kick in.

"The first instinct for survival an infant displays at birth is the exhale/inhale and spitting/swallowing reflex functions using the tongue. As soon as the primary teeth begin to erupt, the infant matures into a teething baby in preparation for chewing food. Within the next six years, as the permanent teeth begin replacing the primary teeth, the baby matures into a young adult and then finally an adult. These are the basic instincts and patterns of growth inherited from the parents' "knowledge library", i.e. DNA, as discussed in the book, Intended Evolution.

The traditional pattern of teaching tai chi to help you become familiar with your "self" is something like this:

  • Hard - soft - hard -- repeat.
  • Up - down - up -- repeat.
  • Large - small - large -- repeat.
  • In - out - in -- repeat.
  • Beginning - end - beginning -- repeat.
  • Present - past - present -- repeat..
  • Body - no body - body -- repeat.
**The theory of intended evolution introduces the pattern of "today - birth - today - future - today" into your tai chi practice. Attend an Intended Evolution Fitness class for more information**

In Most Tai Chi Teaching Today There Is Something Missing...The TEETH

The internal energy arts of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga, should each be thought of as a self-help class in reverse engineering your life's growth cycle from the present to birth. This is the most efficient way to get in touch with your internal energy and intelligence, that is chi or prana. That is why, in order to progress in your internal art, you must return to and practice diligently your most basic instincts -- breathing, swallowing/spitting using the tongue, and biting with teeth. You have to connect all these with your tan-tien in order to reach the higher levels of tai chi.

Most novice tai chi practitioners focus most of their practice on connecting the tan-tien, with the crown point, tailbone, feet, and fingers while using the eyes to lead. That is taking the long path to the discovery of tai chi. The shortest path is by returning to, focusing on, and exercising your most basic instincts for survival -- teeth, tongue, and breath -- and then grow your arms and legs.

Whether in peace masticating or in combat fighting for one's life, teeth, tongue, and the swallowing reflex hold mysteries inherent to chi that most Tai Chi practitioners never fathom through no fault of their own but rather because Masters have historically withheld treasured secrets about the internal energy of the oral cavity from all but a few devoted disciples.

If, in the study of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga, you are not interested in the most basic instincts of life -- biting with teeth, swallowing and spitting with the tongue, and their coordination with the breath -- then you have missed something in the transmission of the instruction that is of extreme importance. And so, you will have to begin your study anew in order to continue your growth in the internal arts. The book, Tai Chi Teeth In Mortal Combat, is the best place to start your path to a better understanding of Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga, and the internal energy chi/prana otherwise known as chikimannaprana™." Dr. Lester Sawicki


Yin Ain't Yang


Dr. Lester Sawicki

What you've never heard could change it all.
(397 compelling pages of new information on qigong, tai chi, and health)

   "India's been sprinkling, dashing and dousing their yoga with anti-aging promises for centuries, and I hope the gurus of India don't ming me saying that yoga has lost its bite and you deserve a teeth-shattering power that surges new life and hope into your practice -- and you don't have to bust your bank account with seminars that don't live up to their claims. And, the way tai chi is being taught today -- like a baby teething with milk teeth -- I've seen better advice come out of a fortune cookie." Dr. Lester Sawicki

Be the first to discover
this AMAZING APPROACH to yoga, tai chi, and qigong meditation
 that could change everything.


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Dream Stream Singalong Meditation For Children

Dream Stream Singalong Meditation

Intended Evolution Book Review

by Lester Sawicki, 2015-05-09

To begin with, the book's authors are not saying that Darwin's theory is inaccurate....

The first few pages of the book quickly arouse the reader's interest when Dongxun and Bob Zhang reveal that they believe organisms can intentionally interact with nature in order to improve their own place in the universe...

At this point in the book you might be inclined to quickly turn through the pages, searching for clues to a method for longevity...

One of the more captivating chapters in the book is The Information Cycle...its Knowledge Library stored in DNA be passed on to future generations for more rapid evolution...

What is very, very interesting and thought provoking is how the authors simplified their theory of Intended Evolution into the makings of a card game...chips which are traded in to bring about desired changes in one's life...

Fortunately, for those that crap out early, there is a Life Cycle Strategy whereby the selected reproductive offspring can continue to play the losing hand...

Intended Evolution might become a real game changer...

In summary, the theory of Intended Evolution is a significant contribution to current theories of evolution...

Intended Evolution is a theory, both novel and exciting. The theory, that we can affect the future of our own evolution...

In any event, the Zhang father and son team have, at the least, brought a new game of life into town. You are invited to sit at the table and play your hand at it. If you fancy their idea that "(we)…can affect the future of our own evolution,"  then learning the rules to the game and why it is even being played is well worth the book's price of admission...

Teeth In Mortal Combat Book Review

by Joseph K. Truncale

In all my years of training in the martial arts and the hundreds of books I have read and reviewed, this is the first book I have ever read which dealt with the use of the teeth as a specific combat method...

The writer, who is a dentist and a martial artist, makes some interesting observations about what he calls the use of the teeth in mortal combat...

Part one explains the original chi, how the teeth are our most primitive weapons of choice...

Part two deals with the tongue, teeth, passive and active factors, the Yin and Yang of chewing, digestion and other topics...

Part three covers the Buddha tooth, the teeth and tongue of life and death...

The final part goes into various exercises on how to relax and teeth and jaw training methods...

Read the entire review @ Amazon.

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Tooth Fight

Tooth Fight

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