What is Qi?
"An exceedingly troublesome word difficult to understand. A short-lived explosive word with long-lived consequences."

(1)... Why Do Athletes Need To Know About Tai Chi?

(2)... The Most Effective Gym Is In...Your Mind

Why Do Athletes Need To Know About Tai Chi?

According to Sports Illustrated, yoga has been growing in popularity with professional athletes because it:

  • helps keep muscles flexible for injury prevention.
  • helps balance the body.
  • helps athletes get in touch with their body.
  • helps prolong athletic careers.

What most athletes don't know is that tai chi exercise also:

  • helps keep muscles flexible for injury prevention.
  • helps balance the body.
  • helps athletes get in touch with their body.
  • helps prolong athletic careers.

plus... in sports the EYES MATTER ...and tai chi:

  • helps strengthen eye muscles.
  • helps eyes recover from fatigue.
  • helps improve pursuit and saccadic visual skills.
  • teaches you how to prevent energy leakage through the eyes.
  • teaches you how to use your eyes to drive the body to higher performance.
and...tai chi trains athletes how to turn on their brain's inner sonar in order to lock onto objects such as shooting targets, balls used in sports, and martial art opponents. The trick is in lining up the vagus nerve HEET switches:
  • Heart
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Tongue 

According to Shakespeare:

"The eyes are the window to your soul." What Shakespeare didn't know, however, is that for a professional athlete the eyes are the window to winning in sports. And there is no better way for an athlete to develop his/her eyes than with qigong tai chi exercise.

Tai Chi For Superhuman Vision

In the book See to Play: The Eyes of Elite Athletes by Michael Peters OD, we learn that professional athletes have superhuman vision. Their eyes are substantially better than the eyes of the average population in the same age group. The peripheral vision of professional athletes is wider, the muscles of their eyes move better, their depth perception is better, their ability to change focus is faster, and their eye-hand and hand-eye-body coordination is better.

If you want to become an elite athlete you have to strengthen all the weak parts of your body including your eyes which are one of the biggest keys to gaining a competitive edge. And one of the best all around mind-body exercises for eye strength is tai chi. 

The Fastest Reflex In The Human Body

Athletes depend on the Central Nervous System (CNS), which consists of the brain and spinal cord, to construct an accurate internal picture of the entire body and surrounding environment. The CNS uses information from the vestibular system together with other sensory systems that contributes directly to motor control of postural movements.

One of the fastest reflexes in the human body is the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR). Elite athletes are born with a VOR that's faster than that of the average person. If, however, you are one of the weaker athletes that's trying to rise above the others, don't give up hope. Tai chi can help you rise above your competition even if your VOR is a bit slower. Tai chi exercise helps the energy of the VOR connect and flow uninterrupted through the CNS for peak performance. A fast VOR works better if the energy connections are fully active. A person with a slower VOR still has a chance against a faster VOR if his vital energy chi (qi) is flowing more fully through the energy channels of the body.

According to the book Human Motor Control by David Rosenbaum, looking relies on a number of oculo-motor activities. Some rotate the eyeball. These include saccades (jumps of the eyes from place to place), pursuit movements (the eyes following smoothly moving objects), and nystagmus (alterations between saccades and pursuits). Tai chi exercise, unlike mainstream yoga, trains all three oculo-motor activities.

3 Ways To Boost Your Game That You Never Heard Of

  • 100 Times Stronger Than They Need To Be
    1. The external muscles of the eye are considered to be "one hundred times stronger than they need to be"  and unique tai chi eye training helps athletes take advantage of this unusual human anatomy to open and connect power links for greater flow.

  • The Strongest Tendon In The Body
  1. The achilles tendon is the strongest tendon in the body and it is a relative secret how this tendon connects indirectly to the muscles of the eye. If you want to improve your vision you have to learn how to pump qi with your achilles tendon to drive energy into your eyes.

  • The Strongest Muscle In The Body
    1. If you are an athlete that trains for both strength and speed then you might have read that the tongue is sometimes wrongly referred to as the strongest muscle in the body. Tai chi uses the powerful tongue in special advanced training techniques that can help you explode your legs and arms with more force than common upper and lower body plyometric exercises can achieve.


The fastest movements produced by the human body are eye saccades. Saccade is a French word for "jerk". Saccades are quick, simultaneous movements of both eyes in the same direction. They help the eye sense a scene with greater resolution. Saccades are an involuntary resource critical to allowing athletes use their body more efficiently.

Smooth Pursuit

Smooth pursuit eye movements allow the eyes to closely follow a moving object. The eye moves slowly instead of in jerks. Smooth pursuit eye movements can be trained to help improve an athlete's ability to follow the direction of an object moving through the air such as a baseball and football or as in hunting and shooting games. Tai chi exercise trains the eyes in smooth pursuit.

Both pursuit and saccades allow the athlete's brain to read and understand a scene faster and with greater clarity, so that he/she can respond with the best decision as quickly as possible. Tai chi exercise is the athlete's best friend for developing eye strength. Tai chi helps you develop a firm foundation in eye-to-hand and hand-to-eye skills both of which rely on the free flowing chi of fast twitch muscles.

Qigong Tai Chi For Smooth Pursuit Skills

Researchers were surprised to discover that only highly trained observers can make a smooth pursuit movement in the absence of a moving target. Most people who try to move their eyes in a smooth fashion without a moving target simple make a saccade.

Performing smooth pursuit without a moving target is difficult but qigong tai chi exercise has meditations that enhance the ability giving weaker athletes a fighting chance against someone that was born with faster eye saccades reflexes.

Smooth pursuit is asymmetric: most humans tend to be better at horizontal than vertical smooth pursuit. Most humans are also better at downward than upward pursuit. Tai chi exercise strengthens your weaker smooth pursuit movements giving you a chance to have better motor control over the competition.

Smooth pursuit requires coordination of many brain regions that are far away from each other. This makes it particularly susceptible to impairment from drugs and alcohol. If you want a long prosperous athletic career, don't abuse drugs and alcohol.

Tai Chi For Better Balance In Motion

Tai chi training gives you better balance whether the body is stationary or in motion. The VOR is ultimately driven by impulses from the vestibular system in the inner ear but maintaining balance is mediated by the stretch of neck muscles and the pull of gravity on the utricle of the inner ear. Tai chi exercise gives you greater body awareness so you can feel how to stretch the neck muscles upward in just the right way while taking advantage of gravity pulling you downward.

Get The Tai Chi Sparkle

The authentic joy of life lives in the eyes. That's why the eyes of elite athletes seem to sparkle. It requires contractions of the orbicular oculi, the sphincter muscle surrounding the eye socket. It lifts the lower eyelids and pushes the skin around the eyes inward, and the eyes seem to sparkle.

Tai chi puts sparkle in your eyes. It teaches you how to direct your vital energy chi (qi) from your lower dan-tien upward and outward through your eyes to give them sparkle and superhuman vision. If you are an athlete working hard to crush the competition, you won't go far without eyes that sparkle.

Tough-As-Hell For Your Brain

Like A Friendly Herb That Gives You The Munchies

Unlike many yoga classes that athletes join, tai chi was designed to be mentally difficult. It is tough-as-hell for the brain. Tai chi, however, is also like a friendly herb for your brain that gives you the munchies. It is an enjoyable mental exercise that gives you a craving for more understanding and maturity which can then transfer into your sport to help you excel in it. 

Athletes Want To Be Challenged

  1. Athletes by nature want to push themselves to perform at their best. They don't want things to be made easy. Making it mentally easy can relax you into learning to do something badly.
  2. Athletes know that striving for perfection is one of the best ways to relax. It is the mental demands of their sport that keep them in it and when they discover Tai Chi they swim in the pleasure of attempting perfection that is beyond their reach. The disciplined, exacting mind-body nature of Tai Chi transforms into a spiritual release that becomes an athlete's perfect recreation with positive side effects of deep relaxation.
  3. If an athlete wants to increase the ability to flow in his/her sport, his intelligence and intuition have to stretch like a rubber band to the fullest without snapping. Your brain has to focus continuously and hard while not falling into exhaustion.
The Pleasure of Mastery

Tai chi is difficult to learn but being so rewards you with the pleasure of mastery. By being hard to learn, tai chi will make you a better athlete no matter what your sport is.

The Fit4Zip™ Tai Chi Advantage

If you are an athlete that does yoga, you should think about adding Fit4Zip™ Qigong Tai Chi into your training program to experience the extra spark it can put into your game.


The Most Effective Gym Is In...
...Your Mind 

Work out with your mind and you will be shocked by the results!

At school, work, and in sports you will be surrounded by competitors that are: 
  • Bigger. 
  • Stronger. 
  • Faster. 
  • Smarter. 
If you're one of the smaller and weaker ones, however, don't worry. There is hope. There is still one advantage you can count on... 

You can always have more control over your mind-body.

Believe it. People that can focus their mind-body have their own set of weapons. You can be... 
  • More aware. 
  • More relaxed. 
  • More sensitive. 
  • More strategic. 
  • More surprising. 
  • More decisive. 
  • In other words...more reactive in your survival instincts.
Don't misinterpret this. Training to be bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter is still important because students, workers, and athletes are all tested and measured against each other with clocks, weights, production charts, and IQ points. 

But most athletes get so caught up in developing the physical body that they forget about their mental ability to focus like a laser to get the job done. To connect the mind and body together into one unit. Like a lightning whip that can crack with thunder. Or a spinning gyroscope that can't be toppled. In yoga it is called 'yoking' the mind with the body. In tai chi it's called becoming one with tao. The Chinese word 'qigong' means the work of exercising your mind-body energy in order to purify it; like changing carbon into a diamond or water into steam.

The moment you accept that your mind is your first and best line of defense,
your mind-body education begins. 

You suddenly realize that even the weak have a chance at surviving. That you can rise above the competition by developing your mind-body focus. Another word for focus is coherence.

When you focus on developing your mind-body connections and reactions instead of only the mind or body alone, you suddenly believe you can rise above the competition. 

That's exactly what qigong was designed to do. To focus, connect, and seal tight the powerful mind-body. To give all people a chance to win. To give the little guy a way to succeed.

Qigong — The Foundation For All True Martial Arts
The authentic and most effective martial arts build a strong mind as a foundation to support and connect the physical body with chi energy. They are universally known as 'internal' arts as opposed to 'external' ones. Like the foundation of a house that supports the bricks and mortar, if you want to excel in martial arts your mind has to develop into a chi emitting machine that supports the bones, muscles, tendons, and fascia with energy that directs and drives your body.

Under the age of 12, most children have a short attention span that is only capable of discovering and relating with their growing physical body. That's why it's customary to delay 'internal' training until about the age of 12-13 when the child's brain has matured enough to begin to understand the more esoteric internal instruction.

If you are older than 12 years of age and studying only the external martial arts like taekwondo, kickboxing, karate, judo, jiu jitsu, etc., you are on the slow path to realizing your true potential. As a teenager, isn't it about time to shed your baby teeth, grow up and start thinking smart? Isn't it time you begin your journey to develop the wisdom of a realized adult man or woman? If you are ready to take the first step join Fit4Zip™ and install qigong mind-body energy into your martial arts training.

A Tiger In A Zoo Is Scary

A Tiger In the Wild Is Terrifying!

So the next time you go to school, work, or the gym, as an experiment try changing the way you think. Do some qigong energy exercises. Focus less on how fast you move. Don't be too concerned about how much weight you can pump. Disregard how many IQ points you display in your test scores. Concentrate more on connecting the links in your mind-body system so that you move and think like a tiger. A gentle but fierce tiger able to survive in the jungle, not just a zoo. A tiger in the wild that doesn't have rules, measures, or points that box you in and hold you back from your true potential.

Lions, Tigers and Bears

If you're unsure, scared, or intimidated by the thought of unleashing the wild tiger within, think of the art of qigong as a gentle path of self-discovery. It's really a very gentle journey in search of the 'golden egg'. 

Every person has within themselves a 'golden egg' of true potential. Discovering your real potential usually requires first traveling a road filled with rules, regulations, boundaries, and tests. These limitations are put in place by society for your own protection to allow you to grow within a safe environment. Yes, they are necessary but if you want to discover your 'golden egg' you'll also have to take another step to learn how to safely discover and connect with your inner life energy, your qi/chi. You have to step outside the cultural box and enter the safe place inside your mind where society's rules and tests don't exist.

You have a mind. You have a body. You also have a mind-body. When you're ready to search for your 'golden egg' you'll be at a point in life where there's a need for creating balance. You'll be mature enough to realize your mind-body needs to be nurtured along with your mind and body. You'll know that your mind-body needs to be exercised no less than, and even more than your mind and body alone.

Qi is your 'golden egg' and qigong is the best, quickest, and safest path to uncovering it. Once you feel and know qi/chi, you can use it for success in life including school, work, and sports. Once you discover and start using your mind's energy, you will be amazed at how using it to harness your mind-body can instantly help you rise above the competition.

Your parents, your teacher, your employer, and your coach are the most important people preparing and motivating you for success. But when you're ready to add mind-body cultivation into the mix, qigong is waiting for you.

And most important of all, according to the new theory of Intended Evolution, you can effect even your own evolution in a positive way when you use your internal intelligence — your mind.

Join a Fit4Zip™ class today to start your journey of inner qi/chi mind-body self-discovery for greater success in life.