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Looking to Improve Your Skill Level in...Tai Chi?

You will need to:
  • Practice Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Learn relaxation techniques that really work for YOU.
  • Strengthen your body with Chinese Qigong Yoga.
  • Cultivate Pranachikimanna™
  • Exercise by "swimming in thick mud."

Yoga...Like a Flying Twister of Energy?
Yes it is when you activate Pranachikimanna™

You Can Boost Your Ability Instantly


The Power of Mind-Body Meditation

Fu Yachi Qigong Tai Chi™

(Chinese Qigong Yoga...Tai Chi Chuan Martial Arts...Mindfulness Meditation...Relaxation)

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Ready for a Life Change?

Looking for Greater Health and Fitness?

Trying to Excel at School, Work, and in Sports?

 Fit4Zip™ offers the Life Change Qigong Simple Solution with Extreme Results:

  1. Mindfulness meditation (qigong mind-body exercise) will help you get there.
  2. Fit4Zip™ is the best place to learn it.

"One million Americans are taking up mindfulness meditation each year." Read about it at Harvard Health Publications

At Fit4Zip™, we understand that qigong mind-body exercise is your best solution.

Over 100 million people know this secret, but...

Dumbfounded 'Experts' Can't Explain How These Simple Exercises Work...

...for less than pennies!

Fu Yachi Qigong™ 

Mind-Body Exercise Works For YOU...

Because...Every Brain Cell and Muscle Fiber Counts!

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Some people train their body some of the time. Others train their mind some of the time. If, however...
  • You really want better health.
  • You really want to lose weight.
  • You really want to learn to relax to deal with stress.
  • You really want more fitness to look and feel better.
  • You really want to improve your yoga or tai chi.
  • Or you just want SPORTS... have to train your mind and body all of the time. And the only way to accomplish that is by exercising your body and mind together as a unit 24 hours a day with mindfulness meditation. And one of the very best mind body disciplines that gives you SOLID results is Chinese Qigong Yoga.

If your passion is sports, you can be certain that your competition is not working out with their mind-body 24 hours a day. The average person works out only an hour or two a day and most of it is just mindless zombie physical exercise spent in a gym. They're not using their mind to workout in the best possible way, which is 24 hours a day, because most people, including athletes, don't know how or they are just plain brain lazy to use their mind to its full potential. They think all that's needed to win is to do a once or twice daily insanity workout using brute muscle driven by gungho enthusiasm.

You know what I classes where boot camp bull dogs bark military like commands in order to push you to bust your butt while your ear drum is being tortured by loud thumping music.

And...that's a HUGE crippling mindset mistake!
in order to reach your true athletic potential, you have to develop more than muscles and enthusiasm. You have to develop ...SMARTS...and no amount of drill shouting is going to make you smarter though you will become better at following orders...a smarter zombie...

...but is that what you really want?

"It's not the insanity of your workout that counts,
but what your brain thinks about while you do it."

If you want to take yourself beyond where your friends or competition are going you have to change the direction of your training. You have to develop a self-driven ability to use your mind to gather up all your scattered enthusiasm and grip it into a fist of steel, shot dead-center onto your target. It's what the experts call mind-body training.

And in today's extremely tough competitive world, if your goal is to be #1, to rise above the rest you have to train your mind-body 24 hours a day using mindfulness meditation techniques.

Tai Chi and Yoga Tips
  • If your interest is health and fitness.
  • If you want to improve your ability in yoga and tai chi.
  • If you want to uncover your true potential... have to work at it 24 hours a day. You have to harness the power of your body-mind and tap into it as often as you can during your day. You have to cultivate and put Pranachikimanna™ universal life force into your yoga, tai chi, school, work, sports and life. This is what is called 24 hour mindfulness meditation

Doing yoga, tai chi, and other meditative arts in a studio one hour a day, 3 days a week, isn't enough. It gives you results not much different than if a baby were trying to learn to walk within that same time frame. You would expect that unless the baby has the freedom to practice walking all day long, it would grow up handicapped to some degree in balance and coordination.

The same principle applies to mind-body prana/chi work in yoga, tai chi, and meditation. Unless you do your body mind chi and prana work all day long, you might never go beyond just the simple physical postures and exercise. You might never discover your chi/prana which is really what the ancient eastern arts are all about.

Just like a baby learning to walk, you have to do your mind-body exercise throughout the day while you're walking, sitting, and standing, or you could go a lifetime and never become aware of your own energy and how to control it. And it's not as difficult as you might think...with the right training. 

Qigong yoga combined with the universal Tai Chi principles of mind-body movement is one of the best 24 hour 'right training' methods for mindfulness meditation. And Fit4Zip™ is the best place to learn it for better Tai Chi, Yoga, health and fitness.

In developing mind-body focus...many children do not have the maturity to focus for more than a minute at a time, while most adults haven't learned how to focus with mind-body intensity. In fact, not even many of the world's top level performers, like Nobel Prize winners and elite athletes that seem to have a natural inborn ability to focus their enthusiasm to a pinpoint, know how to train their mind-body 24 hours a day.

The good news is that no matter what level of mental concentration you are capable of now, with training and practice, you can learn how to develop a more powerful and effective pinpoint focus. Even better, you can instantly take a giant step forward and upward in your quest for health and fitness. Athletes can instantly rise above the competition. It's all possible by using time tested ancient Chinese Qigong ("chee-gung") principles to train your body and mind as a unit 24 hours a day.

Qigong, roughly translated as 'life energy self-mastery', is a time tested Chinese yoga discipline of introspection that combines movement, breath, and mind-intention to balance and boost one's Qi ("chee") or Life Force. You might even say it's the art of superhuman focus for self-awareness and, especially if you start training early in life, it can help you maintain your health and fitness throughout life and soar high above your competition.

Are you fit?
Are you relaxed?
Are you healthy enough?
Are you willing to learn some yoga and tai chi?

You have the muscle.
YOU definitely have the brains.
No doubt, you're full of enthusiasm.
But...why aren't you as relaxed as you'd like to be?
And...why aren't you developing your mind-body FOCUS?

Tap into the power of
Qigong Mindfulness Meditation

Do YOU want to develop yourself to your TRUE potential? Beyond what you thought you were capable of? Do YOU want to rise above the competition? If so, it will take more than muscle, guts, and enthusiasm. It will take more than brains and intense desire.

It takes a burning body-mind focus...using specific concentration skills combined with physical exercise that most people aren't familiar with. Something that your competition does not have. It takes mind, body, physical exercise and energy concentrated into a laser beam with purpose. It takes a 24/7 mind and body mindfulness meditation workout that you can do anytime-anywhere.

And believe it or takes...relaxation...!!!

If you want to train like that for results that really work AND if you want to train harder than the competition, the best way is with Fu Yachi Qigong™ body mind exercise energy training.

Don't waste your day! Qigong mind-body exercise is mostly mental work combined with simple movements like walking, sitting, and standing. It's nearly invisible so you can train more hours anytime-anywhere without disturbing the people around you. Do your mind-body workout in school, on the job, and at home because qigong does NOT interfere with your education or job performance. Qigong actually helps you excel both in school and work because through it you discover flow, a state of energized focus.

Some say that Michelangelo painted while in a state of flow. Bruce Lee, the martial artist, spoke of flow. Musicians and athletes claim to perform at a higher level when they enter a mental space that can only be described as being in flow. You also can experience flow if you learn just a few basic qigong mind-body exercises and practice them daily over time.

  • the next step up in your personal growth.
  • a unique exercise program to boost your health and fitness.
  • more energy that encourages a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
  • simple and timeless weight loss techniques for maximum results.
  • mindfulness meditation training that connects your mind with your body in the present.
  • meditation exercises that you can do all day long.
  • a more relaxed attitude during stressful times.
  • a sharper mind that drives a stronger body.
  • the secret to better tai chi and yoga

  • Higher Grades in School.
  • More Self-Confidence on the Job.
  • Sharper Smarts and Greater Physical Ability to Get-It-Done in Sports.
Try Qigong Mindfulness Meditation...It Really Works For You

Fu Yachi Qigong...Tough As Hell For Your Brain!

Bust Your Brain -- Burn More Muscle

Relax -- Focus -- Get Healthy -- Be A Winner!

Fit4Zip™ Qigong is not just for athletes or people that do yoga and tai chi. It is for everyone who wants to improve their life, well-being, health, vocation, and avocation. Everyone can benefit instantly from learning and practicing qigong mindfulness meditation. That includes scholars, musicians, artists, singers, dancers...and MORE!


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Top 6 Reasons To Sign Up For Fit4Zip™ Fitness Classes

You have to know what it takes to succeed.
Trying to succeed as a student, worker, or athlete can be daunting. It takes brains and exercise. You have got to want it, and then you have got to study and physically workout for it. Of course, you have to also eat right, stay hydrated, take your herbs and vitamins, reduce stress, and get enough sleep. All these things make your goals easier to achieve. This isn't easy, but it's easier for some than others.

You have to ditch the old success mind-set.
For years we've been told that reaching academic, business, fitness, and weight loss goals is all about using willpower. This left millions of people feeling guilty when they ditched their goals program because they, of course, didn't harness their willpower.

What we have to do is ditch the mind-set that everyone has enough willpower to get the job done and if you didn't stay on course then it's your fault.

A study published in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that some people can't resist the smallest temptation, while others seem to have steel resistance to immediate gratification. It's all a matter of the brain's ability to see and stay focused on future rewards.

Some people have trouble creating a mental simulation of the future. The good news is that through personal training in mind-body cultivation you can improve your ability to visualize your future. You'll be able to maintain a vision of yourself focused, confident, and performing at your peak whether in school, work, or sports six months, one year, five years and throughout the remainder of your life. In fact, according to the new theory of Intended Evolution, imagination in a virtual environment can even effect your own evolution in a positive way!

Get excited about mind-body exercise that can help you excel at school, workplace, athletics, and weight works!
Surprisingly, the idea that staying focused on future results brings about desired intentions is an overriding principle in most ancient philosophies across the world.

Fit4Zip™ is your mindfulness meditation mind-body personal training program that teaches all the tricks of visualization meditation for brain-body performance using Fu Yachi™ Qigong standing, sitting, and moving exercise. Qigong is Chinese mind-body exercise that uses the power of breath to connect the mind and body for greater health and fitness. It's gentle yoga for the mind and high intensity strength training for the body. 

Besides mental and physical performance, Fu Yachi™ Qigong is also the easiest way to weight loss that rivets the mind to make pounds fly off. It's so simple that anyone can learn it and everyone loves it.

Fit4Zip™ teaches a unique style of qigong that can be practiced anytime and anywhere; do it during school, in the gym, on the athletic field, and in the workplace. It's done sitting, standing, walking, and playing. Your running, aerobics, weight training, agility, speed, and reflexes are more effective when you incorporate qigong. Your ability to stay relaxed and focused in class, on the job, and in the game is enhanced.

You deserve to see how good a little mind into body can feel.
If you're searching for a sufficient challenge to make a giant leap forward toward reaching your goals, you have to pressure cook your brain's focus like a burning sun's nuclear core. Fit4Zip™ will help you discover how to create the most intense and focused workout by pumping, squeezing and burning your brain cells during conventional resistance training and cardio.

That's the Fit4Zip™ secret to getting zipped fast! Your mind has to be worked hard against both physical and imaginary resistance, a concept few fitness programs teach. You won't find another fitness class in the Austin metropolitan area that will wring more dripping sweat out of your pores using your brain the way Fit4Zip™ does.

Plus, one of the many future rewards mind-body qigong workouts give you is the pleasure of feel-good endorphin hormones rushing through your brain.

You should know that Fit4Zip™ Qigong works for all ages (13 and up) and levels of fitness.
If you've had a recent injury or illness, Fit4Zip™ will gradually help you rebuild your body with gentle mind-body exercises that anyone can do at any point of their recovery process.

The first step is learning to relax and breathe into a healing space. Next, you massage the internal organs and carefully stretch the tissue fascia, muscles, and tendons. This increases blood and lymph circulation for detoxing and cellular rejuvenation. Finally, you start adjusting the intensity level of your exercise by introducing greater physical challenges that encourage growth.

You'll soon discover that Fit4Zip™ can help you study better, put more enthusiasm in your work, and build a stronger faster body.
There are plenty of good fitness classes in the Austin metro area, but nothing gets both your body and mind zipped like Fit4Zip™. Be your best in every way with Fit4Zip™ Qigong mindfulness meditation mind-body training.

Learn to instantly change your mind-set about how to excel in school, work, and sports. Start choosing the right tools to succeed in academics, workplace, and athletics. It's easier than you think.


Tai Chi Classes with Qigong for
Meditation, Relaxation and Fitness
With Just One Client:  YOU

   Thank you for selecting the mind and body Fu Yachi Qigong Tai Chi™ mindfulness meditation and fitness site of Dr. Lester Sawicki. We support the idea that exercise is medicine and promote it through our Fit4Zip™ Fitness program.

Dr. Sawicki has over 30 years experience in Tai Chi and Qigong. He studied with Chinese Masters and taught in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Austin.

    Fit4Zip™ was developed with this question in mind: How can we keep our brains, our minds and our bodies the best they can be? Dr. Sawicki is convinced, through his own personal experience, that Tai Chi and Qigong will help your brain, mind and body stay strong.

Seniors Do Tai Chi To Prevent Falling

    As far as the best type of exercise, scientific studies are showing that the time tested ancient disciplines of Chinese Qigong Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan Martial Art may well be the ultimate for health and wellness. Both integrate visualization mindfulness meditation with physical exercise and appear to have more positive medical benefits when compared to mainstream resistance and cardio workouts alone. Plus, qigong mind-body practice is nearly invisible to the public eye so you can practice it anywhere-anytime. It doesn't interfere with your school, work, or sports. In fact, qigong supports your intent to achieve peak performance in all your activities throughout the day.

Looking To Help Your Kids Excel In School And Sports?

How Do Athletes Grow Stronger Without Lifting Weights?

Why Do Athletes Need To Know About Tai Chi?

    We're also convinced that people who practice the art of qigong gain a significant competitive edge in school, work, and sports. Qigong puts you in touch with your life energy, qi/chi (chee). Its powerful yet focused concentration relaxes and calms the nerves and allows your inner strength to rise up for challenging assignments at both school and work. Athletes use it to achieve greater speed, strength, and agility. Students find that it relaxes them into a confident focused space for mental challenges such as memory and problem solving.

    Our "make no compromises" and "one client at a time" philosophy allows us to coach clients to the best of our abilities in a way that will lead to a pleasant experience for you. This is a tall order but we feel that taking time with our clients and being open to their needs is of the utmost importance.
    Our core objective is to progressively shift the fitness approach from physical (developing the body only) to mental. We're constantly on the alert for new science that provides proof that mind-body exercise is medicine. In short, it shifts the workout endpoints from sculpting the body to allowing the mind to regenerate the brain and body together. Fit4Zip™ helps you learn to play with this concept using the principles in Fu Yachi Qigong Tai Chi™.

Our Mission is simple:
  • To reveal to you the benefits of mindfulness meditation for health and fitness.
  • To provide you with the finest fitness results available anywhere, in a pleasant and courteous atmosphere.
  • To stand beside you in your quest for greater health and fitness, plus, athletic and scholastic achievement.
  • To remind you to bring your brain to your workout, your job, and to school.
  • To show you how to pump up both brain & muscle for a fitness workout that really works for you.
  • To introduce you to relaxation techniques that really work.
  • To help you unlock power buttons that wake up your brain cells when you get bored and need a boost in mental energy at school and work.

About Dr. Sawicki

Your Go-To Coach For Mind-Body Fitness  

    Dr. Lester Sawicki is an alumnus of Illinois Benedictine College in Lisle Illinois and a 1976 graduate of Loyola Dental School of Chicago. He has over 30 years experience in Tai Chi and Qigong. Since 1983 he has met and studied with many Tai Chi and Qigong Masters in both the United States and China. 

"There are tai chi schools that are still teaching the old fashioned way which was at one time of benefit to the various Chinese families that kept training methods a secret to themselves -- but the demands are not the same today and we need something suitable for the 21st century." Dr. Sawicki

    Dr. Sawicki created the Fit4Zip™ Fitness program featuring the art of Fu Yachi Qigong Tai Chi™. He believes people of all ages, especially high school and college students, can benefit from mind-body exercise and mindfulness meditation that can be integrated into and practiced while at school, work, home, and recreation.

His favorite Chinese proverb is: "Sometimes the most ridiculous is the most valuable."

Visit Dr. Sawicki's blog: Tai Chi and Yoga Fitness

Fit4Zip™ is Like a Fiery Red Hot Shot of Energy for Your Brain

    The Fit4Zip™ mind-body exercise program is based on time tested ancient Chinese theories of physical and cognitive development that 21st century science is proving to be right. The mind-body exercises of Fit4Zip™ train the brain to learn functional specialization which is a capacity for optimal efficiency. With imagination it integrates sensation, movement control, and thinking. Typical physical workouts found in today's gyms that include dance, free weights, machines, poses, or pure feats of strength with mindless repetition DO NOT co-activate multiple areas of the brain as does Fit4Zip™ qigong fitness exercise. 

    Students have to pay close attention and think about what and how they are doing a Fit4Zip™ mind-body workout. They're imagining, feeling, and controlling invisible energy in and around their body. They have to practice using their body as a musical instrument. Everyone knows the benefits to brain development that you get with learning to play a musical instrument, but not everyone can afford music lessons. And Fit4Zip™ doesn't require buying an instrument.

    Doing exercise in a meaningful way with imagination, as opposed to just punching it out with dance music, produces more robust activation of the brain in both hemispheres and especially the hippocampus. A Fit4Zip™ mind-body workout is more demanding in that the mind is intensely involved with invisible energy and controlling it. Brain function is expanded because you're composing thoughts and ideas while contracting and relaxing muscle groups. You integrate your inner vision, tactile information, and fine motor dexterity.

    Join a Fit4Zip™ class and prove to yourself the idea that 'exercise is medicine' and that qigong is an invisible 'pill' can you swallow to help you unleash your true potential.

    Your future doesn't have to be old and miserable with an increased life expectancy but lower quality of life. If you'd like to develop your body and brain way beyond what today's mainstream fitness workouts can muster, then Fit4Zip™ mindfulness meditation training is for you.

Qin Na CAQIT® "Catch It"
E-Z Pure Zip Energy Wake Up Exercise Bag

You don't have to use visualization with every exercise, just the ones you want to boost your life energy for health, fitness, and peak performance.

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Put More Zip In Your Life

"If you don't live chi, chi won't explode out of your bones."

Unleash your true potential at school, work, and on the playing field. Join a Fit4Zip™ Qigong Tai Chi mind-body fitness and mindfulness meditation class today. 

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