Our Work: Collaboration, Instruction, and Intervention

This website has been created as a tool for staff to manage our work as we collaborate and implement a school wide system of support.  The site serves as the access point for staff to enter their weekly PLC team meeting minutes, to enter progress monitoring data for intervention, develop intervention groups, and to bring students of greater concern forward to our Student Intervention Team (S.I.T.).  The site has links for each grade level to access forms, report on progress monitoring data, and to support the S.I.T. (Student Intervention Team) process using Google Drive.

Progress Monitoring Data Entry

  • Week of 9/26/16
  • Week of 11/7/16
  • Week of 1/2/17
  • Week of 2/13/17
  • Week of 4/10/17
  • Week of 5/29/17 (modified meeting)

Data Team Meeting Schedule

  • Week of 10/3/16
  • Week of 11/14/16
  • Week of 1/9/17
  • Week of 2/27/17
  • Week of 4/24/17
  • Week of 6/5/17 (modified meeting)