Veterinary Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology

The Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology Department is a multidisciplinary group that performs teaching, research and extension services to the community. The Department is part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. We are specifically located in the Agricultural Sciences Campus in Escobedo, Nuevo Leon.

The department has a teaching lab for Veterinary Physiology, Pharmacology, Toxicology and Clinical Pathology. We also have a research lab to investigate different aspects of food toxicology, mainly mycotoxins.

Members of the department include Dr. Marco A. Cantu, MSc. Aime Garza, and PhD. Alicia Marroquin-Cardona.


1. Propolis application to reduce Aspergillus and Fusarium contamination in maize.

2. Addition of clays to reduce mycotoxin exposure in animal feed.

3. Medicinal properties of honey.

Dr. Alicia Marroquín is a lecturer of Veterinary Pharmacology and develops research with a special focus on mycotoxins.

Dr. Marco A. Cantú Martínez is a lecturer of Clinical Pathology and Therapeutic Pharmacology. His research focus on hepatitis.

Dra. Aime Garza is a lecturer of Physiology and her research focus on reproduction.

Our Veterinary School has been acknowledged as supporter of the "One Health Initiative" and our department will contribute to expand the mission of this enterprise by organizing relevant talks and encouraging our students to engage in activities that integrate animal, human and environmental health.