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It's exclusively for our almamater, which is crowded by a bit of crazy minds, strange people, bad class, tajirian ethnic, and other intangible factors which make all things not so simply to understand. So it doesn't matter if this web is hit by any other hands, because we don't care what other people think. As time goes by, the strangeness increases, the bad men blow up, and the victims arise. If there is any victim again besides Metez, Rotua and Bakir (will be described later), then we appreciate it very very much. Wish Fisika UI 2006 to be always better, and cheers to any new victim.

Hidup ini keras bung!

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Telah hadir mailing-list kita tercinta, dimana kamu-kamu semua (maksud gw anak2 fisika 06 doank neh!) bisa saling curhat, saling mendamprat, saling ngasi info, dan pastinya bisa saling care satu sama lain. Kalo mau join ke group itu (dan semuanya harus join woi) bisa buka email kalian, karena sudah ada invitation ke email kalian masing-masing. Tapi kalo ga ada, klik aja di terus join deh di situ. Kalo ada info-info yang penting, urgent, tapi ga bisa diketik pake JARKOM sms, maka akan diketik di sini. Well, join soon yak!