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Landbased Kalbarri (A Tailor Fisherman's Paradise)

posted 12 Oct 2010, 05:05 by Andy McIntyre

Colin takes a look back at a recent trip to Kalbarri and provides a great, "how to" and "where to" fishing article to help the holiday makers this year.
Some great detailed info here for the prospective tailor fishermen out there.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun..... Too!

posted 12 Oct 2010, 04:57 by Andy McIntyre

I take a look at what us Dads have to do to get our young girls into fishing. With patience and planning you will have your little girls outfishing you in no time. Start them early and you wil have a deckie for life.
Fishing isn't just for boys... the girls can have just as much fun, and look a darn sight better while they are doing it too. 

The Trials of Tryall Rocks

posted 12 Oct 2010, 04:52 by Andy McIntyre

A classic tale of fishing mayhem at its best. Marauding Spanish Mackerel teasing and torturing a bunch of anglers at the Montebello Islands. Ben Derecki joins the team and takes us on a ride of fast fish, fast action and mixed fortunes. The video is a must see!

Jetski Fishing (An Introduction)

posted 12 Oct 2010, 04:45 by Andy McIntyre

Johan Roux joins the team at Fishwrecked Reeltime to give us an insight into the relatively new sport of Jetski fishing. This is a quick intro to the sport and let me tell you there are a lot of things going for it when you have a think about how close you get to the water, how fast you can go, how manouverable the craft is. There are too many pluses to mention.
Read the article and you might just head out and buy yourself a new rig.

GT Tournament - With Nomad Sportfishing

posted 12 Oct 2010, 04:38 by Andy McIntyre

Kasey gets us all stirred up about the simply awesome fishing he experienced with Nomad Sportfishing earlier this year, when taking part in a GT Tournament. Gruelling battles with XOS GTs were the norm and Kasey paints a marvellous picture of what its like out there in such pristine waters.
We have some massive GT pics to share in this article.

Issue 7 Coming Soon

posted 5 Oct 2010, 23:32 by Andy McIntyre

Issue 7 is being prepared right now. I am probably 50% complete as I write this.
It contains some great articles from some of our regulars along with new writers submitting some fantastic pics to share. Check back later and I will post a few article summaries so you can see what will be in the mag.

David Beavis Gallery Special Offer

posted 31 May 2010, 02:41 by Andy McIntyre

I'm not sure what has come over David, but he is offering the first 10 Fishwrecked Reeltime Subscribers an unbelievable deal on his high quality prints. You can save over $4000 on RRP, that's a 70% saving!!!
There are plenty of prints to choose from and he is also throwing in a new camera at no extra cost.
Check out Issue 6 of the mag for full details.

Photo Comp

posted 31 May 2010, 02:38 by Andy McIntyre

Make sure you check out the photo comp we have started in the latest Issue of Reeltime. There are three categories or divisions if you like. Open, Junior and Female. Simply follow the link in the mag to the new Gallery we have established and then its pretty easy to register and upload your pics into the appropriate gallery. You get to vote on each pic (star rate them) and we wil have some DVD's to give away as prizes.


posted 14 Apr 2010, 19:26 by Andy McIntyre   [ updated 15 Apr 2010, 07:37 ]

As you turn the pages, when you start to hear the jaws music, you are getting close to Gully's excellent article on the one thing that sends shivers up a divers spine more than anything else. Some great underwater shark pics from the Epic Blue team and a unique insight into what goes through the minds of these guys when they jump in the water with one of the top predators in the ocean.
A great couple of videos with this one too, that you will not want to miss.

Fishwrecked South West Comp Results

posted 11 Apr 2010, 01:10 by Andy McIntyre

Damo6230 has put together some great pics from the latest Fishwrecked Forum South West Fishing Comp, held in the magnificent waters off the south west coast. For his first article I think its an absolute cracker.
The variety of species captured was amazing and certainly will get a whole heap of fishwrecked members pencilling in this time next year after they see all the pics. 

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