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We have completed the documentary "Legends Of The Lakes" it runs 53 minutes plus and will go on sale as soon as Philly Anderson, Andy LaFond and Charlie Nylund have all gotten xopies and have watched them.

We have been asked to do a screening at the "State Of Lake Michigan Congerence" at the Hyatt in Green bay,Wi. in the Grand Ballroom on November, 8, 2017. We accepted graciously and we will be there fielding questions along with Andy, Charlie and Philly. The 400 seats have been sold out.

Great Lakes commercial fishing documentary laegends of the lakes. andy lafond,philly anderson and charlie nylund. produced by gary and kevin anschutz

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Great Lakes Commercial Fishing

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Andy LaFond Jr aboard the fishing vessel Oliver great lakes fish tug.

Andy LaFond Jr lifting on the Oliver H Smith off of the Door Peninsula.