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In memory of Alan Harshman, James Gray, the Natural Resource Manager for Indian River County (IRC) announced the planned deployment of "Alan's Reef" in Zone 1 of the Orchid Island Artificial Reef Complex (OIARC) on Tuesday, August 21, 2018. Alan was a passionate supporter of artificial reefs and was on the SISA board of directors when the near shore reef site was conceptualized.

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2007 Reef Deployment

From Jonathan Gorham - One of the hats I wear for Indian River County, and the favorite part of my job, is artificial reef coordinator. I'm happy to announce that Indian River County and the Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Association (SISA) just constructed a new artificial reef offshore of Sebastian Inlet. Like the other IRC/SISA reefs, it is in about 70 feet of water ENE of Sebastian Inlet, and is composed of piles of concrete railroad ties. This new reef however, is about twice the size of any of the older reefs (1000 tons of material). The reef was completed June 24, 2007.

Here are the numbers:

27 degrees 53.920 minutes north

80 degrees 13.675 minutes west

Thanks to FWC for the funding, and SISA for their long support of the program.

1999 Artificial Reef Deployment

On May 20, 1999 the first of 1500 concrete railroad ties fell to the ocean bottom culminating four years of incredible SISA effort. An artificial reef was created. On May 28th, 1500 more concrete ties were placed at a second site. On June 4th, 1999 another 1500 concrete ties were placed on a third site.

Four years of work on the part of many made this happen. Mike Rowland made the contacts and kept the project going. Phil Recob put on the tournaments that earned the more than $15,000 SISA spent on the project. Bill Hinkel provided the boat and almost 2 weeks of his time to carry Indian River County Engineer, Jeff Tabar to the Reef sites. Raymond Reed "Keel of SISA Ship" kept us on course year after year. Wendy Becker kept the ties open with Indian River County.

Look in the mirror or look around you at the next club event and congratulate the person standing there. There is a good chance the person you are looking at contributed some key element to make this dream a reality.

SISA also had a great deal of outside help. Our tournament sponsors donated thousands of dollars. Nikki Hoier, from FIT, put together the proposal that won the $25,000 state grant. Nikki also managed the project day to day. Commissioner Fran Adams and Coast Engineer Jeff Tabar provided the support of Indian River County. Gail Heber, from NASA, found Central Florida Railroad who contributed the concrete ties on the reef sites.

You get the idea. This has been a TEAM project. No individual could, or did, accomplish this alone. A hearty well done goes to everyone involved.

Article by Clyde Berry

Florida Institute of Technology Dive 2005 on SISA Reefs

FIT Research Dive on SISA Artificial Reefs

To help you catch fish, and to help us collect the data, below are the coordinates of the artificial reefs. To report your catches and help in our data collection efforts please email Jon Shenker, with your catch information.

SISA #1 (2C): 27 55.502' N x 080 15.505' W (110' x 80' x 9')

Artificial reef sites (in Degrees/Minutes/Decimal Minutes format):

SISA #2 (3C): 27 54.286' N x 080 13.292' W (92' x 48' x 5')

SISA # 3 (4C) : 27 55.070' N x 080 12.281' W (52' x 58' x 10')

Reef Site 3NW: 27 54.710’ N x 080 13.713’ W (91' x 85' x 12')

Reef Site 4SE: 27 54.660’ N x 080 11.868’ W (50' x 75' x 9')

Reef Site 2NW: 25 55.938' N x 080 15.938' W

Reef Site 3NW: 27 54.710' N x 080 13.713' W

Reef Site 3SW: 27 53.920' N x 080 13.675' W

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