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Fish of the Month Contest

Cash prizes are awarded to the angler with the heaviest recorded fish of the month if they show up at the following month's club meeting. They must share their fishing story with the attendees' to claim their prize. You must submit a record of your catch using the Hook n' Line entry form or alternate methods by the 5th of the month following the month for that species. Some months feature multiple species and cash prizes will be awarded for each specie of the month.

Hook n' Line Tournament Rules

Goals: To promote spirited competition between and recognition of outstanding catches by club members. To encourage fellowship, good will, and foster sportsmanship while practicing marine resource conservation.

Eligibility:The Hook N Line tournament runs from September 1st to August 31st.

At the time of the catch, each member must be in good standing (paid dues)  to be eligible for any and all awards and entry in the Hook N Line and/or Fish of the Month tournaments.  Club dues must be received by January 31st, or your fish caught after February 1st will not be eligible!

To be eligible for the Junior Division, an angler must not have reached their 16th birthday on or before the start of the tournament year, November 1st.

All entries must be weighed on some form of scale, witnessed, and recorded, preferably on a Hook-N-Line entry form. If a Hook-N-Line entry form is not available, hand written information is acceptable. Please include fish specie, weight, your name, date, location, and witness. The entry form may be mailed to SISA, or you can send an email containing the information to the SISA eGroup if you are a member, email (fishsisa@googlegroups.com).

Fish must be entered not later than 30 days from the date of the catch for the Hook N Line tournament.

Club rules apply as to the method and mode of captures and tackle for both tournaments. All state and federal rules pertaining to slot, possession and season closures apply.

Only fish caught wading, or from a bank or on a boat leaving from and returning to a Florida port are eligible.

Fish sold prior to or subsequent to weighing and entry are not eligible for either the Hook N Line or the Fish of the Month tournaments.

Release shall be considered when the leader is in the grasp, or the swivel has touched or touches the rod tip. Tagging is encouraged but not required. Fish may be weighed and released.

Point System: Points will be awarded for recognition as SISA Division Champion and SISA Master Angler.

SISA Division Champion: Points are awarded for the three heaviest fish of each species recognized on the tournament board, in each of three divisions; Male, Female, and Junior. The club member in each division who amasses the most points during the course of the tournament will be recognized as SISA Division Champion.

SISA Master Angler: Points are awarded for the five heaviest fish of each species recognized on the tournament board for SISA Master Angler. The club member who amasses the most points in the SISA Master Angler category during the course of the tournament will be recognized as the SISA Master Angler.

Each 1st place fish receives 75 points, 2nd place 50 points, 3rd place 25 points, 4th place 15 points, and 5th place 10 points.

An angler may only occupy one (1) position in each eligible species during the Hook N Line tournament.

Tiebreakers: Date of entry; first entry wins. Total points tie for SISA Division Champions and SISA Master Angler broken considering; first, the number of different species occupying a position on the board, second, the most places occupied on the tournament board. Total aggregate weight of all fish entered will be the final consideration.

Top Fish : Special awards are presented to anglers in each division who catch and record the heaviest fish in each recognized species category.

Billfish : A one-time award of 25 points will be awarded to each angler who catches and properly releases a Billfish. Weight and measurements do not have to be recorded.

Tarpon : A one-time award of 25 points will be awarded to each angler who catches and properly releases a Tarpon. Weight and measurements do not have to be recorded.

Trophies : Trophies to be awarded at the annual Christmas dinner.

Interclub Tournament Rules

Interclub Tournaments can be scheduled throughout the year. Anytime we have 4 boats or more that would like to fish we can schedule an event with board approval.

RULES: NOAA small craft advisory, warning, or caution will automatically cancel the tournament. If the Tournament Committee cancels a tournament, only those members who have notified a committee member of their participation will be contacted. Entry Fee is $25.00 per boat. Minimum of 4 boats. SISA will contribute $100.00 to total purse.

Purse will be divided as follows:

  • 4 boat field 100% to winner
  • 5-9 boat field - 60% to 1st Place, 40% to 2nd Place
  • 10 or more boat field - 50% to 1st Place,  30% to 2st Place,  20% to 3st Place

Mitzie Norman (by phone, e-mail or regular mail) must be contacted and notified of entry no later than Thursday prior to tournament.

All tournaments will begin at safe light. Unless otherwise specified (fish back weigh-in is in Stuart), all weigh-ins will be at Squid Lips. All HnL eligible fish (billfish and tarpon are not eligible) must be brought to weigh-in by boat. Heaviest fish regardless of specie takes the higher position in the standings.  Weigh-in deadline is 4 P.M the day of the tournament, unless otherwise stated.

Tournament will be monitored on VHF channel 71.

Eligible species are same as Hook-n-Line species.

Tournament contacts: Mitzie Norman 724-0264.

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