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Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Association

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Spring Fling Tournament 

Captains Party June 24th 

Fishing Tournament, June 25th 


Poker Run 

Sunday, October 28th TBR


Awards Banquet 

Saturday, December 1st TBR

2016 Club Meetings

SISA's club meetings are open to the public and you are invited to attend.

Our meetings are scheduled on an event basis, please like our Facebook page for up to date news. 

SISA Club Dues

Membership in SISA is $50.00 per year and is due January 31, 2015. SISA student memberships are available for $25.00 per year. Membership expires December 31st. To continue as a SISA member, please send your check or money order payable to SISA to Sebastian Inlet Sportfishing Association, P.O. Box 2504, Melbourne, FL 32902-2504 .

New members please contact a SISA member for additional information.

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SISA is a Nonaffiliated Organization.

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