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Merwin Resevoir is located about forty five minutes from Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington.  Merwin Resevoir and it's two sister resevoirs, Yale and Swift, hold one of the best fisheries in the pacific northwest.  Merwin contains the finicky kokanee salmon, rainbow trout, tiger muskie and squawfish or northern pikeminnow.

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If you are looking for someone to help you find those elusive kokanee or rainbow trout, you have come to the right spot.  Fishing on Merwin usually begins in April, but can be fished with great success as early as mid-March as well.  Access to the reservoir is sometimes limited due to the level of water at the boat ramp.


Fishing at Swift Reservoir does not open until the opening day of the state trout season.  Unlike Merwin Reservoir, which is open to fishing year round, Swift Reservoir is limited to the regular Washington State trout season which goes from early April to October.  Yale Reservoir is open year round as well for fishing, but the kokanee fishing does not get as good on Yale until a little later in the season.


However, the beautiful thing is that you can fish for a limit on Merwin first thing in the morning, and then drive a short distance and be fishing for a second limit on Yale Reservoir before the day is finished.