Aquarium & Pond designs, installation, and maintenance services




  We are a small business that caters to the aquarium customer. Maybe it is just a hobby for you. Aquariums are the way to go. For easy care, low maintenance, and lots of viewing excitement. For the Koi enthusiast, we design ponds that will provide curb appeal and bring calm for your outdoor enjoyment.

     Installation is often difficult for anyone that doesn't like to put things together. We make it look easy. We also provide the basic knowledge of how you should care for the ultimate fish environment. Supplying you with the most technology  advanced pumps and air filters. Our aquarium maintenance service is a special service unique to Fishin With Earl. Maintenance and proper care of fresh water and salt water fish can be confusing. Many people get confused as to what fish combination should go in the tank. We do that for you. You just sit back and enjoy the wonderful aquatic view and be the envy of all your friends. It doesn't matter whether you have a 30gallon tank or larger. Ask us and we will provide you with the resources needed to keep you relaxed knowing that your aquatic selection is distinctive to your own personal taste.

     Have you ever thought about why and how fish get sick?  The remedy is often simple, however most fish owners are unaware of the bacteria or allergies that lurk in an aquatic environment. We at Fishin With Earl can help you save your fish from any potential health hazard. Show your fish how much you love them by properly maintaining a clean oxygenated environment for all to love and admire.