Many of you may be looking for great areas to fish around Chico. Well, you have come to the right spot. Near Chico, there are many great lakes, rivers, and ponds for great fishing. But most importantly, there are season where fish bite more aggressively than some other seasons. Also, each recreation areas uses different lures. Let get to the point, great areas to fish near Chico are Black Butte Lake, Oroville Dam, Sacramento River, Stonyford and Stonygorge lake, Burney Falls, Black Lake (Indian Lake), Paradise Lake, Horseshoe Pond, and Shasta Lake. Some of these recreation areas required 4 to 5 hours to get to. However, traveling might not be fun, but when you arrived to your destination, your hard work will be paid off. In these lakes you may find many anglers at the shore. Many of these lakes has a lot camp grounds for family recreations. 

    Black Butte Lake: Fishing tips and Informations

             This lake is located near Orland city, Ca. This lake covers up to 4,460 acres of it. In this lake you can catch Spotted bass, large bass, small mouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, blue gill, Grass carp, sucker, and pipe. Seasons for fishing in this lake is during February to June. Noted that this lakes is open all year round. Bass are really agressive during February to April because the water temperature rises and it mating season. For crappie, they are caught around March 15 and throughout April. Crappie and bass are found aggressively near the shore. They love hiding under trees cover by water which they can protect their eggs or from the sunlight heat. Sometimes, these fishes bite earlier than expected due to the rainfall that it receives. Although, if there too much rainfall, it causes the water to be muddy and cold, which doesn't bring fishes near the shore. If you looking for catfish to fish, the end of March is of the best time catching huge channel catfish. However, during june, catfish are most agressive. Grass carp can be seen throughout February to April in shallow water. If you looking for blue gills to fish, they are really agressive during late April to August because the water temperature rises. 


Stonyford and Stony Gorge: Fishing tips and Informations.
           These two lakes are connected to Black Butte lake. These recreation areas are attracted by many people. These lakes do not open year round. Also, these areas has campsites, which attracts  a lot of campers. The fishes mention about Black Butte Lake can be found here too. The fish can be caught as the information above.

    Oroville Dam: Fishing tips and Informations.
            One of the best places to catch huge trophies bass. Competitions for bass fishing happens every year for anglers. Blue gills, Crappie, Bass, grass carp, Coho salmon, and other fishes can be caught in this lake. This lake is very huge. Fishing from the banks of the lake
can guarantee fishes. Coho Salmon bites during April to June throughout the lake. Trolling and using power bait is an effective way of landing Coho salmon. This lake, live worms are found pretty effective for bass fishing near the shore.

For More informations on other lakes, add a comment in the below and will be answer ASAP.

Crappie Bait: Live/plastic Minnows, Tube Jig Skirts, Umbrella Panfish Tubes, and 3 color Crappie Magnum. These baits are used in all of the lakes above for crappie . The best way of catching crappie is near a tree partly showing under water. Many of these fish reside in these areas because of the sun or laying eggs process. 

Bass Baits: Choosing the right color, temperature of the water will increase your chances of catching first. A list of Baits found Effective in Bass fishing: 5'' Yamato Hula Grub, Salty Rat Tail 4", Spike-It 5'' Holographic Spike-0. 

The website that these bait can be found :

Noted: Site will be update every time when go out to gather informations in these lakes.

   Bass Hitting at Yankee Hill and Lime Saddle :
Directions to Yankee Hill:  Can be found through my blog.

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Fishing NEws AleRt-

New FIshing news of March 29, 2016
Clear lake: Panfish has been very good. Almost everyone is catching their limits everyday. Crappie.

Black Butte Lake- The action is getting better. We are starting to pick up some crappie near the flooded tress around grizzly flat and burris creek. Bass fishing has been great too. You can catch them on robo worms, senkos, swimbait, and spinnerbaits. The most effective ways to catch them robo worms, grubs, crawdads, and bushogs. It works like a charm if there fish. CATFISH: It the time of the year, they are picking up badly. Fish near structures like trees or coves and you will catch a lot of them ( approximately: 1 hr Drive)

Oroville lake (Lime Saddle) Fishing has been slow but if your manage to get the right bait, it will be good as well. A lot of bank fisherman has been using a bobber fishing with night crawlers and it has been producing good bites. Senko and robos are good as well. (approximately: 20 minutes)
Afterbay: Fishing has been crazy. Using swimbait, topwaters, senkos, robos, are the best. (30 minutes Drive)

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