Worshipping the Living God

What is worship?
Worship is so very important, this gives us the opportunity to build our relationship with God and express to Him exactly what we feel about His intervention in our lives and His love towards us shown in His provision of a perfect sacrifise in His Son jesus Christ.
How do I worship?
Worship is a spiritual thing, God wants our worship of Him to be in spirit and in truth.    Sometimes we cant find the appropriate words to express our worship but we should express our love for God anyway, we can sing our worship, we can pray our worship, we can declare it too.   The Bible also teaches that giving of our time, our talents and our finances can be an act of worship to God.
Our worship to God should come from our heart, an expression of what we feel about Him,   Click here to hear how one person expressed their worship to God.
Where and when should I worship God?
The Christian can worship God anywhere and at any time.   There is no limit on the time we can spend or the environment in which we should be to worship God.   It is important however that we do find a Bible believeing, evangelical church where we can commit ourselves as part of our worship.   The Bible teaches that God's people (Christians) should meet together regularly to worship Him - Hebrews 10:25.