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  • Fishin4God is committed to sharing the Good News about Jesus Christ with the inhabitants of the earth.   Jesus told his fishermen followers that he would make them 'fishers of men', he would teach these men how to live for God and to share the 'salvation message' with their compatriots and send them with the message to the ends of the earth.   To see the command of Jesus click here.  He wanted the disciples to learn how to 'fish for' and 'harvest', for the Glory of God and His eternal Kingdom, the vast population of the earth, humankind, and by being led and taught by His Holy Spirit they would be able to achieve this before his return.   This great 'harvest' will be gathered in one day on Jesus' return.   The disciples were slow to learn at times but when Jesus left, disappearing into the clouds one day, and the Holy Spirit came on the Day of Pentecost the New Church was established and the world would be changed forever.   Harvest labourers required by Jesus.
  • Nets not rods (poles):  The fishermen that Jesus enlisted to be trained as 'fishers of men' were familiar with one way of fishing, that of using nets to harvest the bounty of the deep.   One day whilst meditating on how we as Christians can bring many to know the Lord Jesus Christ, I began to see the importance of fishing nets over fishing rods or poles as some call them.  A fishing rod can usually only bring in one fish at a time but a net can land many fishes in the boat.  Again one fisherman can use a rod on his own but a net requires team work to land it.   If you can imagine working together with others, in your church or across the churches in your area, then you will see how much more effective this would be as a means of bringing God's harvest in.   The Bible encourages such team work to see how click here.
God's plan:
  • The message of God, including His plan to be the personal and corporate God of the earth's population, is a thread which runs through the whole Bible.   God's plan is to have a relationship with man and His efforts, as described in the Bible, will make it possible for man to know that He exists and that He wishes to get to know them personally.   God wants to be our God and wants us as His people.   A Holy Nation, a people belonging to God.
The Bible:
  • The Bible is God's inspired Word to us.   This great book (the bestselling book in the world from the time it was first printed til now, outselling every other book many times over) is available in many languages and in many versions.   If you would like to purchase a Bible in the English language for yourself  or for someone else you can do - Buy a Bible - if you would like a Bible in a language other than English - Buy a non-English Bible

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