The Church

Jesus' Church:
  • The Church of Jesus Christ exists in every country in the world, in most cities and towns a local church congregation, however small, will be present.   Jesus said that He would build His church Matthew 16:18
  • The Church is God's instrument of change in our society Ephesians 3:10.   Jesus loves the Church and wants His Church to become influential in changes for good in our society.
  • The Church is a wonderful place to raise your family where Godly values and principles are taught and demonstrated. 
  • The Evangelical Alliance is a good place to begin when you are searching for a good church in your area.

The Cosmic Church - (John Piper) -
Donald Macleod ( professor of systematic theology at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh ):

Sunday School:  (Children's Ministry).

 Youth in the Church:

To find a church in your area:
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