The Bible

The Bible:
‎"To stay away from Christianity because part of the Bible’s teaching is offensive to you assumes that if there is a God he wouldn’t have any views that upset you. Does that belief make sense? If you don’t trust the Bible enough to let it challenge and correct your thinking, how could you ever have a personal relationship with God? In any truly personal relationship, the other person has to be able to contradict you." - Timothy Keller

The Bible is the Word of God, it is of utmost importance that Christians read and develop an understanding of the Bible.   God intends us as Christians to use the Bible as a direct communication from Him.

Why I trust the scriptures!
The History of this great book:
  • The Bible as God's Word has been handed down in written form from generation to generation from earliest times.   The writings of God's prophets and teachers, who received divine inspiration as they wrote what God gave to them, is gathered together in one volume for us to use today.
  • The Bible has been opposed by many regimes throughout the generations but it has survived for us to read and enjoy today.
  • The Bible was first printed by the Gutenberg press in the 1450s
  • The Bible is God's inspired Word to us.   This great book (the bestselling book in the world from the time it was first printed til now, outselling every other book many times over) is available in many languages and in many versions.   If you would like to purchase a Bible in the English language for yourself  or for someone else you can - Buy a Bible - if you would like a Bible in a language other than English - Buy a non-English Bible

On-line Bible

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Bible Downloads:
Bible Apps:
It is now possible to find Bible apps for your Android (Android market) and iPhone (App Store) to find out more connect through your phone and search for Free and other options.

Bibles for the poor
  • Many church pastors, leaders and Christians in the developing world cannot afford to buy a Bible or Bible study materials, find out how you can help needy Christians in the developing world get hold of this vital material - click here.