Purpose of this page:
This page is dedicated to those who wish to share a testimony of how God has been actively working in their life, from the point that they were first aware of God.
Types of testimony:

There are basically two main types of testimony:

  1. The Paul in the Damascus Road testimony.
    • Paul (or Saul as he was previously known) was a radical destroyer of the new church of Jesus Christ, he was bent on making sure that the church would be eradicated and that his Jewish and Roman masters would be satisfied that he had done everything in his power to complete his task.   To get the background to the story read through the book of the Acts of the Apostles Acts 1:1 Saul's encounter with Jesus and his eventual conversion is told a number of times throughout the New Testament, here is one account - Acts 26    Saul went on to become the foremost writer of the New testament and an evangelist and church planter.
    • It may be that you have a testimony whereby God has radically changed your life from a place where you were opposed to God, or were unaware of God's existence and love for you to someone who now loves and serves God.
  2. The Samuel in the service of the priest Eli testimony.
    • Samuel is the son of a once barren woman called Hannah, who prayed to God that she might have a child.   God heard her prayer and as a result she produced a son called Samuel.   Hannah was so thankful for her son that she dedicated him to God, leaving him with Eli the high priest in the temple of God to be raised and trained.    Samuel heard God speak to him when he was still a child and decided to obey God, he went on to become a great prophet in the service of the living God.   You can find the story of Samuel here 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel
    • Your testimony may be one where you were brought up in the church and were dedicated by your parents to God and have begun to serve God at some stage as you have grown up.
Your Testimony:
You may like to add your testimony to this site, if so email it to us at fishingforgod@googlemail.com

  • Why I am a Christian: By Jon Stott ISBN 0-85111-407-5 - recommended read
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