Living for God

How do I live my life for God?

Commit your life fully to Jesus Christ:

 Become a Disciple of Jesus:

    1. Jesus called His disciples to 'MAKE' disciples too.   Making disciples is a command of Jesus and as such we need to take it very seriously indeed.   Being a disciple therefore must include making disciples; however we need to consider our own personal walk with God before we can have any influence on our contemporaries.
    2. To find out more visit the 'Discipleship' page.

Where should I begin?

    • Pray:
      • Prayer means talking to God and listening to Him too.  
      • To find out more visit the 'prayer' page. 
    • Read and study the Bible:
      • See information on the Bible
      • The Bible is God's message to mankind so must be taken very seriously.  This is a book written by God using the hand of men, over many years, but has a clear message to us today. 
    • Become a committed member of the local church:
      • There are good churches around the world that will welcome you and make you a part of the family.  Beware however not every place of worship is a bona fide church of Jesus Christ.
      • How can I tell if the church I am attending is a good church?  (No church is perfect and so the following is a guide only).
        • The worship, the preaching and the events run by the church give Jesus the central place.
        • The church preaches that Jesus is God (Divine) and part of the Trinity (Father Son & Holy Spirit). 
        • The church teaches/preaches the Bible every Sunday.
        • Efforts are made to reach out to the local community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
        • The church leaders have a good relationship with other church leaders in the area.
      • To find out more visit the 'Church' page.
 Areas in which I should invite God to challenge my lifestyle:
  • One of the toughest areas of the Christian life is the area of forgiveness.   God commands us to forgive those who have hurt us in one way or another.  Depending on the severity or gravity of the offence against us forgiveness becomes more difficult, however it is the only option for those who wish to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • You can download a free copy of a book called "Why Forgive" here, otherwise a PDF file is attached at the foot of this page.
Hugh Henderson,
28 Feb 2011, 07:26