I need help

A cry from the heart!
  • You may be hurting on the inside for a wide range of reasons.   A graffiti message left on a wall reads like this "God please give me a heart to become wise and please destroy all my pains inside my heart.  I can't stand it any more".     This message sums up the pain felt by many people.
  • Jesus loves you, even though at this moment you may feel like no-one does.   He loves you more than anyone else.   His love is so great that He went to die on a cruel Roman cross in order that you might be free from the pain and hurt that you are experiencing right now.   Jesus is waiting for you to ask Him for help.   Call on Him and He will answer you!  Jeremiah 33:3 and Psalm 86:7
  • God knows us better than anyone else, He wants us to know that He has a purpose for our lives Jeremiah chapter 1:4-17
  • He can handle the cares that you have if you take them to Him 1 Peter 5:7
Teen Challenge:
  • "... Teen Challenge UK is a charity registered in the UK and operates nationally to help young people who have developed life controlling problems, especially drug and alcohol addictions, and also to offer preventative help to those who may be in danger of doing so.   ..."
  • Teen Challenge website: http://www.teenchallenge.org.uk
Freedom In Christ Ministries:
To visit the Freedom In Christ website click here
Family Support Scotland:
Family Support Scotland
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Robert C. Rahaim, M.A., LPC
The Mark Henderson Centre, Ann Street, Dundee