How to become a Christian

"What does someone have to belive in order to be saved"
By John Piper - Desiring God

Becoming a Christian:
  • The Bible tells us that in order to love and serve the Living God we must first accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as our Saviour and Lord.   This means that we need to acknowledge that we, in our attempts to live the life God had granted us, have fallen far short of the perfect standard that God requires.   Our problem is that we are controlled by self interest and sin; we are therefore incapable of reaching God's standard in our own strength.
  • The Bible also tells us that Jesus Christ, God's only Son was crucified and died, shedding His blood, that we might be 'washed' clean from our sin and wrong doing.   He, on the cross, also made a Way for God to come and live in each one of us through His perfect sacrifice.   We however have a choice to make, that is to accept the sacrifice that Jesus has made and invite Him to come and live inside of us.   When we do this the Holy Spirit of God will enter our lives, taking charge and making it possible for us to live a life worthy of God, making it possible for us to live up to the standard God has set.   Now that we have Christ living in us we have become a Christ-ian.
  • If you would like to become a Christian then you need to ask Jesus to forgive you for living your life for yourself, rejecting and ignoring God, and to forgive you for those things which you have done which you ought not to have done, and also for those things which you have omitted to do which you should have done.......
  • .....It's a prayer that might go something like this:
"Dear Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for dying on the cross for me, thank you for loving me so much that you were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that I could be set free from Self, Sin and the Devil.   I confess that there is much that I have done which is wrong and which has hurt and offended you (....take time to mention to God those things which are on your mind which have offended Him and you know to be wrong....)   Please forgive me now for my selfishness and all of my sins of commission and omission, and receive me as your child and disciple.   Help me now to live for you, fill me with your love and with the great Holy Spirit, so that I can have the Power of God living in me and so that I can live for you with my whole life and for the remainder of my life.   Thank you for becoming my saviour, please also be my Lord, my King, my Friend and my Guide.    Thank you Lord Jesus for coming to live in me - Amen!