False Religions

Religion today:
Today in our world there are many false religions, Jesus warned His church about them and the writers of the New Testament were also concerned that people would be led astray by them.  People like Paul the Apostle warned not to listen to anyone who spoke of anything other than the Gospel he shared.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses - Dont accept Jesus is God (divine).
  • Mormonism - Are following a false prophet - divinity of Christ is denied too.
  • Unitarianism - do not accept the Trinity (Father Son and Holy Spirit are one God).
  • Cults 
  • Other religions - Other gods
    • Hinduism
    • Islam
    • Buddhism 
  • And many many more.

Other Gods: Of course anything or anyone we put before the Living God can become a god to us.   Many put their work/job, their movie/TV or music idol, their own self even and many other things before God and in doing so are guilty of setting up an 'idol' in their own lives.

Religion of ancient times:
The New Testament is peppered with instruction about false prophets and those who wish to lead people astray.   The Old Testament also has a great deal to say about following after 'other gods' and we are commanded not to do so by God.   The people of Israel (The Jews) were continually chastened by God for their desire to leave God for the other gods of their time - Baal is a good example of this