Jesus said '...Go into all the world and make disciples...' and he had good reason to do so.   Jesus knew that during and after His time on earth that many new Christians would be 'born' and would need to have support and help to know how to live good Christian lives.   New 'babies' need a lot of support.   No-one in their right mind would leave a newborn child to fend for itself but would do everything necessary to make sure the baby gets what it needs to have for healthy growth.   The same applies for a new 'baby' Christian, each one needs special care to make sure that they grow into strong healthy Christians.
What is a disciple?
A disciple is a 'follower' or an 'adherent' to a specific teaching or a person.   A disciple of Jesus Christ is one who follows Him and His teachings. 
Why should I become a disciple?
Those who follow, or are disciples of, Jesus Christ are being obedient to Him and His teachings.   The blessing that comes to one's life and the lives of others is immeasurable.   The teachings of Jesus (found in the Bible - in particular within the 4 Gospels in the New Testament) will allow the disciple to share the love and blessing of God wherever they go.   Not everyone appreciates the teachings of Jesus however, and so there will be times when Christian values and the teachings of Jesus, as the disciple of Jesus shares the Gospel (Good News) about Jesus, will be rejected, sometimes violently.
How do I become a disciple?
Becoming a 'disciple' is an act of your will.  A 'believer' in Jesus can go to church regularly, enjoy the service and agree with everything they hear, they can have lots of Christian friends and get involved in social activities with them, however a Disciple follows the commands of Jesus and does not limit his/her obedience only to going to church and having Christian friends but he/she seeks God to find out His purpose for their life and seeks to find ways to fulfil that in every way possible.   Disciples don't just look like Christians on the outside but are true to the call of God to live for Him and to serve Him.   When we pray we talk to God and when we read the Bible God talks to us, He is able in this way and others to tell us what He wants us to do.

Fishers of Men:
Jesus told his disciples that He would make them 'fishers of men' if they would come and follow Him.   His call to them is the same call that he makes to us today.   What then does it mean to be a fisher of men?   Jesus had a plan then, a plan set out by the Father as described in various places throughout scripture.   He wants to be our God and He wants us to be His people.   The relationship planned by God as described in the story of the Garden of Eden, He set up a place of closeness and friendship and deep relationship with man, however this was ruined by the Serpent (Satan) when he tempted Adam and Eve and they fell from their special relationship with God.   From that time on God has continued to provide means for man to be reconciled to Him, this means is seen in the sacrifice provided by God when He sent His Son Jesus Christ to the cross to shed his Holy and Precious blood and to suffer and die in order that mankind could become reconciled to Him once again.   Can you see how important it is for us as Jesus' disciples to become fishers of men, telling those around us of the sacrifice God has made in order that He can have us return to Him redeveloping that special relationship He had planned for us for all time.   You can begin to share with others the story of the Gospel and also tell them of what Jesus has done for you.  There are many in our own families, communities and in other parts of the world who need to hear the Gospel, God is calling you to share His story and your story together to inform those who as yet have not heard how loving God is and how much He wants to save them from their sin too.

One way to help as you share the Gospel with people is to use what are called Gospel Tracts.   These small booklets/leaflets are useful to leave with someone you have shared the Gospel with so that they have the chance to read and seek further on their own.
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