Big Questions

Many Questions:
Many of the fundamental questions which we have regarding our faith in our God and His Son Jesus Christ require detaillied attention.   There are those who would disregard them and others who would confuse and deceive us by their answers.   It is always good to find a a trusted place where quality and helful information can be found in answer to our questions.

Rosaria Butterfield - Lesbian finds God:

John Lennox:


The sanctity of life:

Life's Toughest Questions:

John Lennox on the :



Is Darwinism the cause of Secularism:
Monkeys with typewriters:

 If you were to give 1 million monkeys each a typewriter and ask them to type one letter per second.  

 That is:

·         One million monkeys

·         One million typewriters

·         One letter per second

 If then you were to take 379 letters from a Shakespearian play quotation and present it to the monkeys and get them to start typing – do you know how long it would take for the monkeys to come about with all of the possibilities of these 379 letters in sequence (never mind all the spaces and punctuation).   It would take one million billion years for the 379 letter to come out in sequence.  

 If these monkeys were given the time by which the naturalists measure this universe, there is not enough time for the monkeys to put the letters in sequence in 15 billion years (The naturalists time scale for the universe being formed)

 Even the strongest naturalist has conceded one point; there is just not enough time to explain this universe.

 The question is not 6 days or 15 billion years; the question is do either of them afford the possibility without something supernatural or the miraculous. - Ravi Zacharias.

Conception to Birth:

How did the universe begin?

Is there a God out there?

Albert Einstein:

Does God Exist?
Are we alone in the universe? - John Lennox debates with Paul Davis on Premier Radio

William Lane Craig's excellent debate with Peter Millican

Who created God?
God of Love -v-God of Judgement:

Does God predestine everything?


If there is a God why do bad things happen?

Is the Bible full of contradictions?

God in an age of Scepticism:



Who am I ?:

Witnesses of Jesus Ministry Death and Resurrection:

The Virgin Birth:
Is God the author of Evil?


Why is the God of the Old Testament so brutal?

Sodom & Gommorah:


What about those who have never heard?
What about those that have never hear the Gospel and so can't respond?   Have a look here, and here,

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM):

This is a very good site to find out more on Christian apologetics is the Ravi Zacharias site, to find out more - RZIM home page click here.  List of downloadable topics/discussions broadcasts click here.
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Solas Centre for Public Christianity: Click here to go the the Solas website
A comedy look at Paxman & Hitchins interview:

YouTube Video


Faith & Science Debate


Does Science prove everything?

" Why do Christians only accept some laws in the Old Testament like homosexuality, but ignore other ones on sacrifices and food."?