Georeferencing Assistance

We ask that our users scroll through the list of records below for locations they might be able to help us georeference. The list contains records which we have not georeferenced for one reason or another, usually because we couldn't find a place name or because of internal conflicts within a locality description. Our users with experience collecting fishes across the state may have more detailed knowledge regarding certain localities, including some which have place names that have changed over time or knowledge of local names for places not found in published gazetteers. In particular, users who have donated specimens to one of our data contributors should peruse this list for their name and examine those records to determine if they might be able to assist us in applying coordinates to records they have been directly involved with. 

The list below contains the records from our database (as of November 14, 2011) that we have not been able to georeference, but which we think to be within our geographic scope. We have included as much donor verbatim data that we thought may assist users in this task. At this time only Track 1 records are visible here, but we'll eventually include Track 2 records. The list is sorted by county, locality description and collector name, but many users will like to search this list for text. To get a search window, in most browsers press control and F keys together, and enter text stings such as collector names or locality names. To assist us, users should click on the link provided in the left-most column associated with the record of interest and be directed to the associated specimen page. There users will find a comment form at the bottom of the page where data can be entered. As much detail about the locality as possible should be included such as evidence for location determination, coordinates, coordinate source, and the distance of any error that should be added to the position.

For easier viewing, open this file in a new tab by clicking here or open (without hyperlinks to specimen records) as a CSV file by clicking here