About the project

Could you spare an hour of your time to help us find out about your local dialect?

Fisher speak map

We are looking for people who:
  • Have a family connection to the fishing industry (even if this is through older relatives, such as grandparents)
  • Have lived all or most of their lives here
  • Are a range of ages: some older and some younger
There is a questionnaire about some local words and we would also like to make a sound recording as we discuss these local words with you.
The Fisher speak project involves five towns on the East coast of Scotland. These are: Wick, Lossiemouth, Peterhead, Anstruther, Eyemouth. We hope to find 24 volunteers in each place as shown in this table.




 Age 20-39

 4 volunteers  4 volunteers

 Age 40-59

 4 volunteers  4 volunteers

 Age 60+

 4 volunteers  4 volunteers

If you would like to volunteer or think you could help, then please get in touch: our contact details are here.