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Keep you irrigation system up to date: consider replacement of any irrigation lines more than 10 years old. They could be splitting due to age and deteriorating more quickly than you realize. Most residential systems can be replaced in a day or two and will pay for themselves with savings on water bills.

Arizona Landscaping - Water Conservation
We are in both short and long-term drought conditions.
What does this mean for your landscaping... It's harder to grow plants without the rain flushing out the soil. Consider soil amendments to improve soil conditions and soaking plants for longer but less frequent time periods. Don't forget your trees. Mesquites and palo verdes start to shed branches to stay alive when they have not received regular water from their usual sources of run-off. Water harvesting helps. An irrigation system for your desert trees? An irrigation line for desert trees preserves them for the long term, even they will decline in times of drought, but occasional deep watering with a dedicated line for desert plants will keep them healthy. Often when they decline it's almost too late. Use it only once a month and they will flourish.

There are easy ways to cut your water use and save you money monthly. Drip systems will limit the amount of water you are using to feed your plants for two reasons: First, the amount of water traveling through the line will be less than that of a sprinkler, bubbler or direct hose. Second, the water will be going directly where you want it, limiting the amount of time for watering and water used in the process.

Many drip systems older than 10 years need changes to keep operating properly. After that time tree roots start to pinch water lines, drippers may be clogged or in the wrong location for proper watering, valves may be not opening or closing properly. We can evaluate the problems and bring it up to date quickly and with a minimum cost. Many irrigation systems installed today are overly complex and would be better simplified with fewer water lines.

Your planting arrangement will also contribute to water conservation. When considering vegetation, use plants that will work as nursing plants. To pair with the nursing plant, choose a smaller shrub or ground cover with color. This combination will provide diversity in your plant life and allow the things to grow their natural way, limiting the amount of water needed.

Call or email us if you are looking for ideas on what to do with your landscape. If you already know what you want to do with your yard, contact us as soon as you are ready to begin. We will can design a landscape based on your desires and get going on the construction.

JANUARY landscaping tips

posted Nov 20, 2011, 11:58 AM by Simon Fisher   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 8:03 AM ]

A great time to locate and remove mistletoe in desert trees. All desert trees are now dormant and changes can be made to their structure without producing a lot of growth irregularities, such as water sprouts and suckers, or the flow of sap through the cuts in the branches.

For other landscaping needs: it's a hard time to establish new plants until the spring but start planning now.

Will your irrigation system be up to the job when the warm weather arrives in March and APril and the  plants need that water to put on new healthy growth? Check you irrigation system and call us if it is starting to break down. 742-5077.

Have you overspent on your water bill? Was it $20 or $200?  Many systems have been shut off in  the past couple of months with the damp and cool weather.

Make irrigation upgrades in the winter to and don't get caught with a high water bill in May.

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