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ROC C21R 296167

Our Availability: We can currently schedule an estimate anywhere west of Swan and north of Speedway Blvd. withing 3 days, as far north as Saddlebrooke.

Prune desert trees; update irrigation systems; renovate landscaping for a new look - GET READY FOR NEXT SUMMER

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  • Landscape cleanup
  • Full landscape maintenance - weekly, quarterly, seasonal or one-time service
  • All phases of tree care and removal
  • Renovation pruning (Cut backs to encourage new growth)
  • Fine pruning, shaping or trimming of vegetation
  • Irrigation upgrades, new installations, monitoring, water saving programming, repairs and consultations for high water bills
  • Landscape design and installation with a specialty in natural desert designs with regular blooming cycles throughout the year
  • Sustainable landscape management plans
  • Gravel, boulders, rock, hard-scape
  • Lawn and sprinkler installation and upgrades
  • Artificial turf
  • Landscape cleanup - seasonal service
  • Fertilizing
  • Water harvesting
  • Vegetable gardens

Homeowners, landlords, associations, Realtors, small commercial properties such as industrial buildings, medical offices and retail properties.


We have been a family business in the Tucson community for 25 years. My children attend school in Tucson and I am a U of A grad... a communications degree with minor studies in botany. I have worked in the landscape industry for more than 25 years, beginning as a teenager in Texas. I have studied and observed horticulture in a variety of places and from  university course work to more than 30 botanical gardens and arboretums to help understand Arizona desert landscaping. 

We have an economical but colorful yard ourselves so we can share our ideas - keep your water usage and water bills down while improving the appearance of your landscaping.
We have a dedicated staff, some of whom have worked for us for more than 7 years. We do not hire temporary labor and use responsible career landscapers who work quickly and efficiently to do our work.
All work is coordinated and overseen by the owner in cooperation with the crew so we rarely have any unplanned results but instead make constant progress in improving properties with each visit or task we undertake.
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Simon Fisher, owner