Children will come to school ready to learn and play!
        * Children should be well rested and ready for the day.  I understand special events and activities occur, but
            children should usually get a good night of sleep.
        * Children should be dressed appropriately for their work - their work is to play and explore.  This means
            crawling on the floor, painting a project, experiementing with messy science concoctions, playing outside,
            and just being busy, active kids.
        * Children should be relatively healthy.  If they are coughing so much that they cannnot carry on a
            conversation, they have a fever, or have thrown-up or had diarrhea within the past 24 hours, they should not
            be at school.  I understand it is not always convienient to stay home with your child, but it is not convienient
            for the other parents either.
        * Children should be working towards dressing themselves independently.  Children should be able to dress
            themselves with little to no assistance.  Especially by the time they are enrolled in the MWF class.  The
            exception to the rule is shoe tying and snaps and buttons on pants.
        * Children are expected to follow the 3 Be's of Preschool with reminders.
            ~ Be Nice
            ~ Be Quiet
            ~ Be Careful
        * Children should be working to be independent with all toileting needs.  Children can come to preschool not
            potty trained, but we will be actively working on potty training.