Mary Hogben

(1821 - 1919) of Dover, Kent in England, Macclesfield and surrounds in South Australia, and Morwell, Victoria

Mary Hogben is my great great grandmother.

I believe Mary Hogben was born in 1821 in Dover, Kent, England, the daughter of William Hogben and Sarah Elizabeth Divers. I have not at this point in time been able to establish any further documentation about her birth, birthplace or parents from records in Kent. However I have been able to find some "evidence" of her sister Sarah Hogben's and brother William Hogben's baptisms in Dover in the IGI in the records of the Latter Day Saints on familysearch.

Her parents do not seem to be in the census records either for 1841 in Kent.

Mary's arrival at Port Misery, South Australia is recorded aboard the "Duchess of Northumberland". Both her sister Sarah and brother William also arrived at Port Adelaide South Australia, though not on the same ships.

Details of Mary's birth and death dates were originally provided to me by her grand daughter, Florence Smith (nee Ellis) from Flo's Birthdy Boo so I had some place to start. Flo also had in her possession Mary Hogben's sea chest which she had brought on her long voyage to Australia - perhaps as Flo was the eldest daughter of Mary's eldest daughter. Auntie Flo has since passed away and the sea chest which was used as a woodbox for many years is held by another family member. I have the small box of drawers which would have sat in the sea chest. 

Not long after her arrival in Port Adelaide, she became engaged to William Howlett on 17 December 1840.

On the 14th April 1841 William Howlett and Mary Hogben on licence number 452 were married at the Holy Trinity Church Adelaide South Atralia by Colonel Chaplain B. Howard. William Roberts and Ann Colls were witnesses.

Together they managed the "Tiers Tea Rooms" at Crafers just out of the settlement of Adelaide. They later managed the "Forester's Arms" a small inn also in Crafers. I was told by a Howlett relative that the Crafers area was a very rugged and dangerous place to be in at that time. This site is now the location of the Crafer's Hotel. He also said the establishment had at least 15 barmaids at that time but looking at the size of the building I am not sure where they would all fit when it was busy with customers!

Mary's sister Sarah is said to have married at the inn to Edwin Charles Maidment, son of Charles Maidment and brother of Sophia Ransom Maidment and Elizabeth Burnbridge Maidment.

You can find out more about William and Mary's life in this Howlett narrative compiled around 2003 by the late Bill Howlett of Flagstaff Hill South Australia.  

This picture is of Mary Howlett (nee Hogben) and her first three children - Charles, Henry and Sarah (my great grandmother), probably taken in Strathalbyn.
Why did Mary Howlett, together with most of her children move to Victoria in 1885? Read about the Court Case in Strathalbyn - Josephine Maidment v A Williams. Josephine Maidment was the third wife of Edwin Charles Maidment, widower, who married Mary's sister Sarah Hogben. 

Josephine Maidment had earlier tried to commit her second husband, Edwin to an asylum, but he was not admitted and was cared for by Ellis and Maidment relatives. Interestingly her first husband also suffered from fits, before his untimely death as noted in his inquest.

The block is pictured here in this map of the Hundred of Macclesfield.
I am not sure a lot of love was lost between these families.  More about Mary is to seems she had an interesting life! I am not sure when this picture of Mary was taken other than in her latter years, presumably when she was living in Victoria.