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Wipers are a blast to catch and put up a great fight. We will be running

learning how to catch wipers at willard bay utah with my fishing guide from www.fishelevated.com
4 rods off the back end of the boat trolling. You’ll be riding in comfort taking in breathtaking scenery. Then all of a sudden you watch your rod tip start to bounce, you grab that pole and set the hook. Wipers will run fierce and feel like a 10 pounder rod bending action and such an exciting  thrill!  It isn’t uncommon to catch giant Wiper from 3 to 7 pounds.  Wipers swim in schools and will move out of their hold area to feed then back to their same general location.  


kids catch more wipers with our guides at willard bay
Your *FISH ELEVATED fishing guide will fillet your wiper catch at the end of your fishing trip and also bag it for the ride home.
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More information about Wipers:


As a sport fish, hybrids (Wipers) are probably best known for their rapid growth and fighting ability. They can attain weights of six to seven pounds by three years of age and 18 to 20 pounds by eight to nine years of age. Hybrids (Wipers) are a valuable part of our Utah fishing: they grow fast, fight hard, and take the sport of fishing to another level!

 Our professional fishing guides explain how Wipers in Utah  fit perfectly into the ecological system, especially in lakes with large Gizzard shad populations but with little suitable habitat for striped bass and white bass.


Finding Wipers In Utah

Currently Willard Bay reservoir is the kingdom for big wipers in Utah.

Wipers mirror the habits of and prefer areas within lakes and streams in common with striped bass and white bass, typically traveling in large schools in open water. In the spring, schools are smaller and the road trip is on, as they head for the spawning grounds. Hybrids (Wipers) begin to get a little more active as the water temperature rises;  bait seems to be the best from the banks, although
trolling with a white or mirror crankbait in 12 to 15 ft water produces a good catch. As June and July roll around, it is slabbing time, look for them off deep creek channels on the slopes. Live bait is at its peak.  Then comes the fall! My favorite time, the schools have become very large, and the feed is on for the winter. Early morning and evenings you can find Wipers
on top, running through weary schools of gizzard shad, like a freight train through a small town. When winter comes, Wipers seem to turn into loners, hugging the bottom.


Natural Food Sources: Gizzard Shad, minnows, crustaceans, and insects.

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