Walleye Fishing Package 

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Available April through September


Walleye is by far my favorite fish to catch and enjoy on the dinner table.

Walleye are a blast to catch and when you do you want to be careful to not put your fingers in its mouth to grab the fish as they have very sharp teeth. The most effective way to catch walleye is keeping your presentation on or near the bottom.
I like to cast twister tail grubs with steady retrieve, and I also do well trolling with a few favorite crank baits that I’ll share with you out on the boat. Depending on the lure of choice, I sometimes use weight up 1 oz depending on the
current or the depth of the water body I’m fishing. The numbers of walleye caught are much smaller as they are so difficult to catch. The wind, barometric pressure and water temps all play a huge part in a successful  walleye day. Early spring between ice off and the end of June is the best time to catch these pearl eyed fish.


Your Guide will clean your walleye at no cost, and bag it for your ride home.


Information about the Walleye Species:

Walleye Behavior 

While Walleye do have a good sense of smell, it doesn't seem to be an important factor in feeding behavior. In murky water a vibrating bait is much more effective than a bait that emits odors.

Perch and Gizzard Shad Main Food

Walleye are opportunist feeders and will eat just about any fish they can catch. Throughout much of the U.S.

perch is their main food but they will also eat shad (Gizzard shad in Utah), trout, crappie, bluegill and other fish. They also readily eat crayfish, frogs, leeches, snails, mice and even small ducks.

Best Success For Catching Big Walleye

Fishing success for walleye is highly influenced by the baitfish spawn. In the spring when few baitfish are present fishing is generally good (except during

the spawn, when walleye don't feed much). If the baitfish have a good spawn then by early summer there will be an abundance of small fish for the walleye to eat.

Spring Summer Fall Fishing

When baitfish are plentiful fishing success for walleye slows and will remain slow until the baitfish numbers

are reduced, generally by late summer or early fall. If the baitfish spawn is poor, walleye success will remain good throughout the summer and will be excellent by fall.

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