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My name is Delana Oaks of Salt Lake City, Utah. I have fished my entire life, and one of my fondest memories is of my grandparents, Clayton and America Oaks, taking me to their favorite pond. We fished with cane poles using red worms dug up out of their garden. There was only one stipulation, I had to bait grandma’s pole, and probably why grandpa liked taking me. Ha! It was a small price that I’d pay “all day long” for such a huge return on  investment.  


I spent my teenage years on a 50-acre farm in Preble Co., Ohio. Our house was a beautiful two-story brick designed by my mother and built by my father. Our driveway was 1/4 mile long off the main road, and the house sat on the edge of woods. Depending on the season, the views to the front and left offered fields of corn or beans. The view to the right was the barn and a ½-acre pond we stocked ourselves. It was pretty much my pond  I had pet Bass that ate out of my hands.


I credit my father for teaching me “the basics”, how to look for fish in specific habitats, and how to find the right depth. I truly appreciate his patience for

He spent much time attending tangled lines and quarrels over seating arrangements. Our family fished mostly for Crappies in such lakes as Caesars Creek and Brookville, and many multi-family fishing trips to Canada. Over the years I have become good enough to catch what I target


I am an Outdoor Writer and served on the board as Field Staff and Writer representing Ohio. (Women Anglers Magazine 2004-2009) I have received 15 Fish Ohio awards and I am a Certified Master

Angler.  I currently fish a local tournament, Salt Lake County Corporate Games. My team competes against 14 other teams. I have been the Captain for the past 5 years and we have placed 4 out of the 5 years. We took first twice, and 3rd and 2. If I do my job right everybody on my team catches fish, this holds true for my fishing guests. I will make sure you have a great time on the water.


Give it a try and FISH ELEVATED!


Delana S. Oaks 

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