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      So What is the Nature Recreation Program?

      Is this going to cost me anything?

      What Types of Activities are usually going on?

      How do I find out what’s going on when I’m actually there?

      Do I need to bring anything to participate?



So What is the Nature Recreation Program?

The Nature Recreation Program provides a high quality, organized, recreational, educational, and environmental awareness experience for campers and day users at Forest Preserve Campgrounds in the Catskills and Adirondacks.  Nine campgrounds offer formal programming from the end of June to Labor Day.  Additional campgrounds offer activities through the Junior Naturalist Program and Outreach activities.”- NRP Handbook

 The Nature Recreation Program is going into its 13th year of operation

Is this Going to Cost Me Anything?

No.  The NRP and Junior Naturalist programs are offered to campers FREE OF CHARGE!*  ENJOY!!

*excluding some materials you may have to bring for certain activites, i.e. t-shirts for tye-dye.  See bottom for a list of things we might ask you to provide

What types of Activities are usually going on?

 We do a little bit of everything.  Our program tries to encompass both environmental and other activities from Nature Hikes, Mountain Hikes, and Nature Trips to Nature Art’s and Crafts to Sports to Campfire Cooking to Concerts, Storytelling, and Presentations on everything from Black Bears to Loons.  Our programming isn’t just for kids; it’s for the whole family.  Almost all of our activities are open to Kids from 1-100 so don’t be shy!  Our Concerts, Presentations, and Storytelling are great times to get everyone out together having fun in the evening!


Below are Two examples of what our Days might be like:

(There’s no way we can tell you ahead of time exactly what we’ll be doing when you’re here, Sorry!)


Monday, August 6th

1:00 Silk ScreeningBring any color shirt (except green) down to the Amphitheatre and we’ll help you make a one of a kind Fish Creek Campground souvenir!  P.S.  Tie-Dyed shirts work great for this if you have them from Saturday!!

3:00 Nature Games

Come on down to the Amphitheater to join Jon and JJ in a few nature games!  It’s a great time to play things like Bat & Moth, Predator/Prey and several others!  You won’t want to miss this!

7:00 Baked Apples

Yumm!  It’s time for baked apples!  Meet us at the Amphitheater for this delicious after dinner treat!  Don’t forget to bring an apple! (It’ll take about 30-40 minutes for the apples to cook)


 Wednesday, August 8th  

10:00 Knockout

Back by popular demand this fun game is sure to be a hit!  Novices and experts, young and old, everyone is invited to this game!!  Meet at the Basketball Court for a super game!

1:00 Craft Hour

Join us in creating something new and useful from our old holiday cards!   We’ll learn how to recycle our used cards while creating a neat gift box for our own keepsakes or to give away!  Meet at the Amphitheater for this fun craft.

3:00 Afternoon Nature Walk

Do you need a break from the hot sun?  Join us for a leisurely walk through nature this afternoon.  The trees will provide plenty of shade and the opportunity so see things we may not otherwise see!  We’ll be meeting at the Fish Creek Boat Launch.


7:30 (Name Deleted)

This band is a local Celtic folk/traditional band consisting of a Fiddle, Guitar, Base, and unique percussion section that you won’t want to miss!  They’re VERY popular in the area and are working on their second CD.  This is truly good, fun, and fast paced music that you can’t help but enjoy regardless of where your musical tastes lye.  See you at the Amphitheatre!

How do I Find Out What’s Going on When I’m Actually There?

    We print a Wilderness times that lists and gives descriptions of all our activities from Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday.  Wilderness Times should be posted on your nearest bathroom, at the Main Gate, and on the Bulletin Board in front of the Amphitheatre.  When you check in to the campground you can also get a “Activity strip” at the Main Gate which simply lists the time and names of all our activities for the week, from there you can check our Wilderness Times for more details.


Do I need to Bring Anything to Participate?

We do supply a lot of the materials needed for our programming but you might want to bring the following which we don’t provide and may ask you to bring for an activity that week (This list does not necessarily cover everything).

 White T-Shirt (for Tie-Dye)

White or other color T-Shirt/article of clothing (For Silk Screening, can be same shirt for Tie-Dye)

Large Styrofoam Cups

Paper Plates




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Last revised: December, 2008