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 Qty  Description  Unit Pr  Total
   3/16 Oz (5.3g) Brass Finish  $2.75  
   3/16 Oz (5.3g) Nickel Finish  $2.75  
   3/16 Oz (5.3g) Brass Finish (Red Spots)  $2.95  
   3/16 Oz (5.3g) Nickel Finish (Red Spots)  $2.95  
   1/4 Oz (7.1g) Brass Finish #8 Hook  $3.00  
   1/4 Oz(7.1g) Nickel Finish #8 Hook  $3.00  
   1/4 Oz (7.1g) Brass #8 Hook (Red Spots)  $3.20  
   1/4 Oz(7.1g) Nickel #8 Hook (Red Spots)  $3.20  
   1/4 Oz (7.1g) Brass Finish #6 Hook  $3.00  
   1/4 Oz (7.1g) Nickel Finish #6 Hook  $3.00  
   Big Fish Lure Brass #4 Hook  $6.00  
   Big Fish Lure Nickel #4 Hook   $6.00  
 The Smaller #8 Hooks Have Better
Hook-Setting Ability For Trout.
   Wyoming Residents Add 6%  Tax  
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 Thank You Good Luck Fishing
Price Good Until 12/31/2019
 Email Order To Purchase By Paypal.  You Will Receive A PayPal Invoice.