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06 - first trial

Here is a video of me and my son Cole having a decent first run in the fishBOOT. The battery on the camera conked out before we did a 3rd and 4th pass, in which we got progressively faster. Faster rocking frequency resulted in greater speed. 
    For next time: I need to get a camera looking at the tail. I can feel that the fluke connecting rod and fluke membrane are both too "loose"; the fluke is not "biting" into the water as hard as it should. I can tighten this to a certain extent without a new fluke, but I also need to make a better fluke, one more like the fluke on version 1. Also, stability will be improved by stiffening the outrigger and widening it.
    Nonetheless, you can see that the basic technique involves very little effort. We are only leaning, forward and back. We are not even moving our feet.