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04 - airbags assembled

I have almost completed assembly of the "airbags".  The "airbags" are just made of foam right now -- in a commercial version, they will be inflatable airbags. There is extra fabric still showing in this photo (the foam layers are bonded to a fabric backing). 
 Dylan and I took Phish-2 (pictured above) out in the water on Sunday, May 3rd, 2015, for a displacement test. It worked! It displaced an appropriate amount of water and fore-aft weight distribution was as hoped. We also did a quick test of the rocking motion. Would the craft respond as I hoped, when we bobbed up and down? Yes! The tail was rising and falling with a lot of energy, exactly as hoped. I didn't have the fluke on the tail, but the craft clearly was demonstrating the desired motion. With the fluke, this motion will generate thrust.