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09 - fishBOOT trial, new outrigger

The West Seattle Blog covered a fishBOOT run at Alki Beach and wrote a very nice article. Check it out! Here is video from this run. Stability and steering were good. The forward-back technique was pretty easy. Alex Miller was my co-pilot on this trip. He observed that a harness between our two shoulders would help maintain synchronization.

A first balance and displacement test of the fishBOOT with a revised, stiffer, outrigger and a new fluke. The stiffer outrigger provided good stability and the new fluke worked well.  The drivers (one of whom had never been in the fishBOOT) were able to achieve a reasonable technique in a short period of time. The level of effort was VERY low (less than a walking effort). 

Things to improve: The fluke "tendon" (which attaches the fluke to the hull and provides critical flexure) was a bit too stiff. A more flexible fluke tendon and additional practice will result in higher speed.