Fish Boat, Inc.

Martin Garthwaite and Billy Roeseler formed Fish Boat, Incorporated, to explore various issues relating to swimming craft and, hopefully, to commercialize some form of a swimming craft.

Martin Garthwaite is an inventor and an IP and patent attorney. Martin went through various contacts before finding Billy Roeseler (thanks to Ron Jones, Jr., for making this connection for Martin).  

Billy Roeseler is an aerospace engineer with composite experience (carbon fiber, fiberglass, etc.).  Billy and his son Corey were inventors of kitesurfing in the 1990's.  Billy has a long interest in craft that flap (ornithopters, swimming craft, etc.) and which have a design inspired by nature.  Billy has ideas about swimming craft and he's curious about Martin's design and is interested to see what it can do.  A more complete resume for Billy can be found here.
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