Early PVC prototypes

Here are photos of some early prototypes made out of PVC and fishing rods.

This was made using a fishing rod.  It worked, but I was pushing things too far, because the fishing rod kept breaking.
The next photo shows an early prototype made out of PVC pipe, wrapped in closed-cell foam to provide floatation.  
The fishing rod is still there.  The fin(s) aren't attached yet. One fin will be attached to the end of the fishing rod.  It's hard to tell, but the bottom of the center tube is lower than the bottom of the outriggers.

Here it is floating, with no payload.  Note that the weight of the PVC cants the craft forward.

Here it is with a shoe acting as payload.  I was please to find it easy to balance and with inherent stability.  The center tube (with the fishing rod) is essentially submerged, while the outriggers are a little less than half-way submerged.  A next version will shorten the outrigger arms, to put the center tube even lower down in the water.  No, the top tube doesn't need the upside-down "v."

I manually "jogged" the shoe up and down and was please to find that the end of the fishing rod (not visible in these pictures) jogged up and down in a corresponding manner.  When I did this, the bow end of the craft and the outriggers held relatively still.  
Next for this prototype: Shortening the outrigger arms (to push the center tube down even lower in the water) and attach a fin to the end of the fishing rod.  Then incorporate an oscillator into the payload attachment.  Based on what I saw today, it should "go."
Next step for the PVC prototype, here.