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One afternoon I went out to take a few shots around the pond including some of the dragonflies and damselflies.  It was a hot afternoon and as I sat by the edge of the pond patiently waiting for some good opportunities I eventually realized that not many of the dragonflies were coming near and those that did often did  not stay long enough to allow me to photograph them.  It seemed a bit unusual compared to other days.  I couldn't figure out what was different.  The weather was not unusual and there was the same general activity around the pond.  The dragonflies were plentiful.  They just weren't coming near me as often.

As I sat there on the edge of the pond, sweating in the hot sun it suddenly came to me.   I could sense it.  Well, actually I could smell it.  Prior to coming down to the pond I had done something I don't often do.  I had doused myself with insect repellent. 

Now  covering yourself with insect repellent is not exactly a good move when you are heading out to take close-up photo's of insects.    I have no idea if dragonflies or damselflies can sense the repellent or not, but they certainly kept their distance that day and did not seem to want me around.  Perhaps I was also driving off their potential prey also.

So if you are going out to shoot some insects or other creatures you might want to keep in mind the impact your presence may have, whether it be insect repellent or maybe even cologne or perfume that ends up attracting certain little creatures that you don't want flying around you while you go about your tasks.  You may improve your chances of getting up close for some interesting photo's.   Of course I'm not suggesting that you go out completely unprotected, just that you be aware of the potential impact on your intended subject.


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