Introduction to Management

Who is it for:

  • Anyone new to management
  • Those that have been recently promoted to the management role
  • Those who have been a manager for just a short while
  • People aspiring to the role of management

Managing Oneself

  • The roles & responsibilities of the manager
  • Changing from doing to delegating
  • Know yourself – your style of management and communication preference
  • Self-development using Johari Window
  • Managing yourself and your time
  • Planning and looking at the big picture

Getting the message over clearly

The role of assertive communication in managing others

  • Identifying barriers to communication
  • Powerful questioning to bring about change in your team
  • Performance Management – getting the best out of your people including a brief look at:
    • Appraisals
    • One to ones
    • Return to Work interviews
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • The role of giving (and receiving) feedback

Managing the Team

  • Management theories as a means to understand natural management styles and their effects on the individual
  • Changing your management styles to meet the needs of the individual and situation
  • How to motivate the team
  • The life cycle of a team
  • Managing and chairing meetings
  • Decision making
  • Managing change