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Blair’s Gap: Silencing a Multi-Generational Curse is the triumphant story of David’s search to find the universal truth of God, to replace embedded fear and bondage with Christ’s love and salvation. This is his story to conquer the temptations of this world and end a family curse. Blair’s Gap is not a specific location but a personal point of awareness that demands life changing decisions with eternal consequences. Through David’s story, readers will experience God’s overcoming grace and mercy and help to understand their own spiritual journey that only comes through the truth of scripture.

- Deep River Books

 Foreword from Blair's Gap - Silencing A Multi-Generational Curse

In the grand scheme of our North American culture, David and I were both raised breathing secular humanistic air. David’s family was Catholic; I would refer to my family as dutifully Baptist. Both of us were religious, but with the passing of each year after 1963 when the US Supreme Court declared pub­lic school-sponsored Bible reading in the United States to be unconstitutional, our culture (and subsequently our education) steadily became influenced by secularism.


Three millennia ago a wise king offered us a different per­spective when he wrote that God has set eternity in the human heart, suggesting that each one of us lives with a God-shaped vacuum. Secularism (and religion in general, for that matter) tends to leave its followers with a feeling of “there must be more to life than this.” The past half century offers no lack of exam­ples of our culture’s quest to fill this vacuum. In David’s case his intrigue and quest for the spiritual in some ways began with the family Ouija board and séances and led to other doorways of the spirit world. Indeed, our God-shaped vacuum was designed to compel us to look for Him, but it’s easy to become sidetracked.


My own introduction to the spirit world came very early in my ministry in Canada in the winter of 1979. I was pastoring a Native Indian church in northern Manitoba in fifty-below temperatures. In the community where I served, the Christ-followers explained to me that in the dead of winter when there’s eighteen to nine­teen hours of darkness combined with much alcohol and poker, it’s quite common for spirit beings to be seen wandering around in the bush, sometimes holding candles. The community residents com­monly understood that these beings should never be approached because they were evil and the source of much fear. People who didn’t understand the power of the Holy Spirit would be extremely frightened of these manifestations. I have given my life to serving alongside Native pastors and encouraging them in the helping of others to find freedom from their bondage, addictions, and fears.


Over five decades of memories returned as I read through Blair’s Gap: Silencing a Multi-Generational Curse. David’s narra­tive of his journey is very descriptive, very real, and very readable. Blair’s Gap will do more than hold your interest! It’ll grab you and hold you by your heart! As I made my way through David’s riveting story of his search for reality, I found myself walking the journey with him. I was in tears a few times and pretty scared a couple of other times. David’s story is powerful because it docu­ments a journey of epic fear and bondage that results in freedom, understanding, acceptance, and love. You will likely find your­self identifying with either himself or someone in his family. His family’s dynamics may in some ways remind you of your family dynamics. With each successive chapter having more suspense than the previous, David beautifully, almost poetically, describes in living color what it was like to search for and find what he’d been looking for all along . . . relationship with the only One who delivers us from all our fears and truly satisfies the deepest long­ings of our soul . . . the Son of the living God, Jesus Christ. I was blown away!! David really hit it out of the park.

Rev. Dan Woodard

Native Church Consultant

Director of Leadership Development

InterAct Ministries of Canada

Carstairs, Alberta

"If you've ever sat outside after supper as the sun goes down and you've heard the church bells ring in the distance, you've heard First Vespers. Described as poignant and atmospheric, David Burdick's poems brush past the veil sometimes introduced by organized religion and ritual, to offer a fresh vision of Christ, the beautiful Savior. First Vespers is an original collection of inspirational poetry that is true to God's word, non-denominational, and filled with light and hope. Lavished throughout are photos of classic works of art as well as original colorizations of ancient Bible illustrations."

- Deep River Books

  Foreword from First Vespers - Spiritual Verses of Hope and Inspiration

    Several years ago, while new in my pastorate, I was introduced to a church which delivered a prolific amount of street ministry and care to the underprivileged. While there, I was fortunate enough to meet one of the church Elders, who as it turned out, was also a friend of David.

     One day I received a forwarded email from this friend that included a poem written by David, entitled, Imagine Knowing. This was a poem that told the crucifixion story so meaningfully that it was as if Jesus himself were speaking to me. Being moved beyond comprehension, I asked this friend to solicit David’s permission to publish the poem in the bulletin to be used in our upcoming Good Friday service. This was to be an effort never before attempted by me, with the ecumenical participation of my clergy friends in a joint service at the Brewerton Christian Church. The service focus was to be the “Service of the Nails” and featured a five-foot cross situated at the front of the church with a hammer and 16 penny nails that each parishioner could nail into the cross itself. I had never been so moved spiritually. With the poem, the sermon, the hammering of the nails, the tear-stained participants and myself, I was forever changed as a Christian.

     It is important for the reader to recognize that poem by poem, as I reviewed this great offering, David and I were never physically able to meet until the work was nearly finished. David’s job often keeps him on the road, but God has kept us together; we are spiritual twins in Christ. This book was written by David as an answering to a call by God to tell His story in a memorable way. David’s talents were utilized to underscore the story, the meaning and the focus of God’s intent in poetic verse.

     This effort was not written to attract people to any particular denominational dogma or indoctrination. This is all about God and His Son Jesus Christ who saved David, me, and any in the whole world who would call upon His name.

     My wish is for God’s continued inspiration to my Brother-in-Christ, David; he is truly a man after God’s own heart. After reading this, let it wash over you just as it did me in the initial readings. You will find a new view of God and Jesus Christ, along with his presence here on earth.

This is David’s devotional work of love.
By all means, share it with others, remembering to
Craig Wilson, Pastor (& David’s Friend)
Brewerton Christian Church
Brewerton, NY