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About Our Programs

Sunday Morning Programs for Children and Youth

Interested in Registering Your Children?

We ask that you register your children after attending classes 4 times. This helps us get to know you and your child!

Our Religious Exploration programs 
promote an understanding of how to live 
Unitarian Universalist principles and values, grounded in our sources.


Nursery Room 9 (Infants – 3 years) Infants and toddlers enjoy their Sunday mornings playing with our childcare workers in the Nursery. Our volunteers provide a warm and caring environment during worship services in the Nursery. Age appropriate toys, crafts and stories are provided.  Children gain a sense of belonging to their religious community and can begin to build friendships in a sacred community. 

Parents with infants and toddlers are also invited to use the Warner Room just outside the sanctuary. There is a live feed of the worship service in the Warner Room and a play area is provided. Another option is for parents to remain in the Sanctuary with their little ones. Please be respectful of other’s during the worship service and take your child to the Warner Room if they become fussy.

We strive to provide a nurturing environment for our youngest Unitarian Universalists and their parents!

Rainbow Walkers Youth Center (PreK4  - 1st grade) are introduced to Unitarian Universalism through multi-sensory stories and spiritual work. They begin each morning with a Sharing Circle where they “light” a battery operated chalice and participate in Unitarian Universalist rituals.Then they share a story. After sharing snack together, children choose their own spiritual work from a variety of options including art materials, blocks, story baskets and other materials. 

Seekers Room 29 (2nd grade - 4th grade) are attending Hogwarts this year and learning about social responsibility! Focusing on a Harry Potter theme, we are using fun wizarding activities as the basis for discussion about values, social action, and our seven principles.  Seekers will learn about and work on real world social action projects, referred to as Horcruxes”.

Explorers Room 30 (5th grade - 7th grade) are exploring social justice and social action from a UU perspective! We will examine social justice issues occurring in our world right now and participate in a variety of social action projects. Some of the topics we will consider include poverty, hunger, climate change, food inequality, oppression and immigration.

Coming of Agers Room 27 (8th grade - 9th grade)

Coming of Age is a Unitarian Universalist rite of passage focused on providing opportunities for youth to explore beliefs and values, as well as individual gifts, strengths and weaknesses. The program is designed to be mentally and physically challenging. It aids rising youth in their personal growth and understanding of self; culminating with an Affirmation Worship Service.

This group will meet every other week.  On Sundays the group does not meet, 8th graders are welcome to attend the worship service or volunteer at church.  9th graders may participate in Youth Group or choose to participate as mentioned above.

Youth Group Room 27 (9th grade - 12th grade)

Youth Group will meet every other week, rotating with Coming of Age.  Youth Group is led by elected youth leaders in partnership with the Director of Religious Education and adult advisors. Activities form a balance of social action, faith formation, worship experiences, and opportunities to gather for fun and friendship.

Alternative Options for Infants, Toddlers, Children, and Youth


The sanctuary is always an option for children of all ages who wish to stay with their families during the entire worship service. The ushers can direct you to activity bags for young children and all ages located at the back of the sanctuary for use in the pews. Please return them at the end of the service. Please be respectful of others during the worship service and take your child to the Warner Room if they become fussy or restless. 


The Warner Room, located adjacent to the Parish Hall behind the sanctuary, is also an option for people of all ages who would like to follow along with the worship service in an alternative space. Comfortable seating, a live audio and/or visual feed of the service, and a children’s play area are provided. Toys and craft supplies are located in the cabinets along the wall. Please clean up and replace the toys in the cabinets when you are finished with them.


For mature children and youth who would like an alternative to both the Sunday morning worship service and Religious Exploration Programming, there are other volunteer opportunities. These may include helping out with the younger children and infants in their classrooms. Please see Catherine Williamson, our DRE, if you would like to explore these options.

Youth are also encouraged to participate fully in the life of the congregation: volunteer for committees, sing in the choir, and attend adult religious education courses.

We strive to provide a nurturing environment for all of our young Unitarian Universalists and their parents!