The trustees have the supervision, oversight, and care of all real property owned by the local church and of all property and equipment acquired directly by the local church or by any society, board, class, commission, or similar organization connected therewith.

The trustees annually review the adequacy of the property, liability, and crime insurance coverage on church-owned property, buildings, and equipment. The trustees also annually review the adequacy of personnel insurance

The chairman of the trustees or the chairman of the parsonage committee, the chairman of the committee on pastor-parish relations, and the pastor annually review the church-owned parsonage to ensure proper maintenance.

The trustees receive and administer all bequests made to the local church; receive and administer all trusts; and invest all trust funds of the local church in conformity with applicable laws.

Trustees serve a three year term and may succeed themselves. The United Methodist Church recommends that at least one-third of the trustees be women and at least one-third of the trustees be men. Trustees must be of legal age and at least two-third of the trustees must be professing members of The United Methodist Church. Each year at the January meeting of the trustees, officers (chairman, vice-chairman, and secretary) are elected by the trustees. The chairman of the trustees must be a professing member of the church.

The United Methodist Church decrees that the board of trustees consist of no fewer than three and no more than nine members. The board of trustees of the First United Methodist Church of Newark Valley consists of nine members.